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Harvest Administrator Assistant

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Harvest Administrator Assistant. Product perspective May 2006. Product opportunity. Computer Associates AllFusion Harvest Change Manager is one of the leading CM solutions on the market.

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harvest administrator assistant

Harvest Administrator Assistant

Product perspective

May 2006

product opportunity
Product opportunity

Computer Associates AllFusion Harvest Change Manager is one of the leading CM solutions on the market.

While satisfying all needs of developers, CM administrator tasks are somewhat neglected, which impacts productivity and ease of maintenance of the whole system.

Harvest Administrator Assistant purposes to improve and enhance Harvest administrator user experience.

environment management scale
Environment management scale

In typical Harvest mid- to large-sized environments there are hundreds of projects, each having tens of states and tens of processes within each state.

To estimate number of entities managed:

100 projects

100x10 = 1,000 states (10 in each project)

1,000x10 = 10,000 processes (10 in each state)

And we are considering lower-bound estimates without even taking linked processes into account!

environment management problem
Environment management problem

Processes are the smallest building blocks of business logic enforced in Harvest environment.

As we have shown, even middle sized installation leaves the administrator with 10,000 processes to manage!

And enterprise business logic is dynamic, making change of process definitions everyday task for CM administrator.

current means of process management
Current means of process management

To change process definitions, CM administrator users may use Harvest Administrator application. While well-suited to handling changes for a single process, the task of changing access permissions for 20 processes in different states of different projects will require significant time, effort and is quite error-prone (for example, it takes 11 mouse clicks to perform access modification for a single process )

current means of process management6
Current means of process management

To decrease time and effort needed to modify process definitions, CM administrator users often resort to low-level methods such as direct database modification using SQL. While fast, the method is prone to critical errors and requires steep learning curve.

the solution
The solution

To illustrate how Harvest Administrator Assistant increases productivity and eliminates errors, let’s have a look at example mentioned before.

To change access definitions of 20 processes the following steps are required:

1) Select processes to modify by specifying custom filter on project, state, process properties

2) View and modify selected processes access list

And that’s instead of 200+ mouse-clicks required in Harvest Administrator, saying naught of complicated SQL queries!

the features change processes
The features – Change processes

Harvest Administrator Assistant tool allows CM administrators conveniently change process definitions.

User may change process properties in batches according to her selection, including:

* Common properties (name, note)

* Access list (execute grant/revoke)

* Process-type specific properties

For User-Defined Processes (UDP) and Notify processes extended user-interface is available.

process change
Process change

Search and select processes to change

Change common properties

Change access properties

Change process type specific properties

… and more for UDP/Notify/linked processes

the features change processes for linked processes
The features – Change processes for linked processes

It is possible to change linked processes common properties both by searching parent processes or by searching for specific linked processes.

User may change linked process properties in batches according to her selection, including:

* Common properties (name, note)

* Process-type specific properties

Extended user-interface for User-Defined Processes (UDP) and Notify process types makes changing linked process properties effortless and convenient.

linked process change
Linked process change

Search and select linked processes to change

Change process type specific properties

the features create processes
The features – Create processes

Harvest Administrator Assistant tool allows CM administrators to create new processes from definitions of already existing processes.

Create processes from existing process, duplicating process properties including:

* Process properties

* Process access list

* Linked processes

Users may create both ordinary and linked processes.

It is also possible to create linked processes from ordinary ones and vs. (for UDP and Notify processes only)

process duplication
Process duplication

Select project, state and process to duplicate from

Select project and state to duplicate process to

Set duplication advanced parameters

Process definitions duplicated!

the technology
The technology

Harvest Administrator Assistant was developed using C#. on Microsoft .NET platformfor Windows.

The data are retrieved and modified by direct database access using proprietary data access components, that support range of databases (currently Oracle only is supported, Microsoft SQL Server and Ingres are planned in future releases).

Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the application is consistent with Windows XP look and feel.

supported versions
Supported versions

The Harvest Administration Assistant was originally developed for Harvest version 5.0.

At the time of release, the product supports Harvest versions r7 and r7.1 on Oracle database 10g.