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Customizing Routing & Other Workflows

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Customizing Routing & Other Workflows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customizing Routing & Other Workflows Basic goals for customizing routing and workflows Less staff time Less handling More automation Watch for any systemic fall out… Basic goals for our discussion Talk about how to modify routing. Show examples of modified routing and workflows.

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customizing routing other workflows
Customizing Routing & Other Workflows
  • Basic goals for customizing routing and workflows
    • Less staff time
    • Less handling
    • More automation
    • Watch for any systemic fall out…
  • Basic goals for our discussion
    • Talk about how to modify routing.
    • Show examples of modified routing and workflows.
    • Discuss ideas people have implemented or dreamed up.
  • Cyril Oberlander, Portland State University Tel: 503-725-3357
basic email routing
Basic Email Routing

Lending Processing : Storage Request Paging Example…

After email is

Sent, the request

Is in the next

Status for paging

Opens Email Dialog Box

resources for routing
Resources for Routing
  • ILLiad Listserv
  • Atlas Systems, Inc. Information:

Queues & Routing:

Table Fields:


Shipping Label Avoidance

Lending Renewals & Due Dates; why bother with the ILS.

Scripted Hot Keys or Macros

Scanning with a Mobile Workstation

Label Printing for book straps and more…

lending workflow shipping label avoidance
Lending Workflow: Shipping Label Avoidance

Short cutting the process…

Add shipping labels to the paging slips.

Create Routing to move Awaiting Shipping Label Printing to Item Shipped (for Loans) and Request Finished (for Articles).

Similar for

Borrowing Return Slips

Printing Shipping Labels in the Paging Slips.

Avoid separate print and matching slips to books.

workflow shipping label avoidance routing
Workflow: Shipping Label Avoidance Routing

“Item Shipped” for Loans, “Request Finished” for Articles

workflow borrowing loan slips straps and stickers
Workflow: Borrowing Loan Slips, Straps and Stickers…

PSU is currently testing an industrial label printer that prints paper or label stock from large rolls. To reduce handling: Can ILLiad Print/Process as you go?

Zebra Z4M Printer

POS Data, Paul Crocker: tel: 503-646-2955

Automate Receiving Process

Hit Check Item In, Printer

automatically prints book strap or label

workflow borrowing loan slips straps stickers pt ii
Workflow: Borrowing Loan Slips, Straps & Stickers pt. II
  • Name of User
  • Due Date
  • TN Barcode
  • -------------------
  • Item Info.
  • ILL Info.
  • -------------------
  • Mail to User
  • Peel Off Sticker
  • -------------------
  • Mail to Lending
  • Library Peel Off Sticker

Sticks to itself

workflow lending renewals due dates
Workflow: Lending Renewals & Due Dates

Simple workflow issue, if we know that lots of lending books are returned a bit overdue, and some borrowing libraries will ask for a renewal that requires updating both ILLiad and the ILS system. Why Not…

Assume all books will be renewed in your ILS system by building a renewal date into the original due date. This reduces the number of overdue notices you send out, and speeds up processing lending renewal requests because you only have to update one system, ILLiad.

Related question:

Can we automate borrowing renewal requests?

workflow scripted hot keys macros
Workflow: Scripted Hot Keys / Macros
  • Using software, such as Power Pro, enables you to script common commands and actions. Those hot keys are program and window specific. Examples of scripted commands:
    • Adding location to lending requests and executing Finished Searching with one hot key.
    • Issuing commands such as changing modules
  • For more information, see:
  • Contact:
  • Sherry BuchananInterlibrary Loan and Document Delivery TechnicianPortland State University, Branford P. Millar Library, Interlibrary LoanLIBW - ROOM ML 284PO BOX 1151 PORTLAND OR 97207p (503) 725-3877t (503) 725-4527a
workflow distance education document delivery
Workflow: Distance Education = Document Delivery

Borrowing Requests

From Distance Ed. Users

Document Delivery



workflow distance education remote services
Workflow: Distance Education & Remote Services

Are we ready to send materials from the lending library directly to the borrowing library user? Details for one example found at Direct Delivery:

workflow one idea for direct delivery uses smart shipping systems fedex ups
Workflow: One idea for Direct Delivery uses ‘smart’ shipping systems (FedEx, UPS)



Request Sent to Lending Library with Direct Delivery Info.



Book sent to Borrowing Library User

ILL# added as Tracking ID#.

Ship Email Alert Active.

Return Info. & Label included.

Email “ILL#received”

Update OCLC

Check Out Item




Book returned

to Lending Library

(same shipping details)

Email ILL# “Returned”

Update OCLC

Check In Item

Can ILLiad/OCLC adopt this method?

workflow scanning with a mobile workstation
Workflow: Scanning with a Mobile Workstation

Equipment Specifics

  • Laptop (Toshiba A10)
  • Wireless Card (D-Link DWL-650+)
  • Scanner (Canon LiDE50)
  • 2nd Scanner (Ricoh IS330)
  • Power pack (Xantrex X Powerpack 300 PLUS)
  • Software (Ariel®, Adobe Acrobat, ILLiad)
  • Cart with pneumatic wheels
  • Security cable to attach the Laptop to the cart

future with mobile workstations
Future with Mobile Workstations

Next year will we page and scan materials with a phone, PDA or tablet? Latest adaptation of wireless phones is to ‘scan’ and distribute copies of tests.

Technology continues to transform the workplace and communication in libraries, increasingly emphasizing work anywhere, including from home. How many tele-work?

Personal & Mobile Technology evolves quickly because of consumer interest, so…How can we promote design elements that fit our needs?

what are your custom routings workflows
What are your custom routings & workflows?

What processes take a lot of time? (Receive preparation, scanning, etc.)

Is there another way of looking at handling the process?

Alternative processing such as baggage handling labels, etc.

Are we handling when we should allow automation?

Automate renewal requests & due dates, billing, etc.

Can we tackle lending directly to the borrowing library user?

Other examples to share or enhancement suggestions?

comments questions
Comments / Questions

Cyril Oberlander

Head of Interlibrary Loan

Portland State University

PO BOX 1151

Portland, OR 97207

Tel: 503-725-3357

Fax: 503-725-4527

Ariel: or