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PURPOSE OF MEDITATION. Several reasons: Stress management Peace of mind Quiet time All are true but more: Balance life’s activities Spiritual purpose – realize inner Nature . WHAT IS MEDITATION. As you think so you become. “Meditate” means to rest mind on one thought

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purpose of meditation
  • Several reasons:
    • Stress management
    • Peace of mind
    • Quiet time
  • All are true but more:
    • Balance life’s activities
    • Spiritual purpose – realize inner Nature
what is meditation
  • As you think so you become.
  • “Meditate” means to rest mind on one thought
  • Meditation is having, prayer is asking
  • Meditation is an activity and an event - waiting
body mind soul
Body, Mind & Soul
  • Body, Mind and Soul are connected:
    • Exercise (Outdoor walking) makes you think clearly
    • Use of Will Power helps you to be disciplined with exercise
    • Soul or spirit can be freed to experience its real nature, if Body and Mind understand the real Nature of Soul and cooperate
    • Use the mind to regulate the mind
    • Use the mind to purify the mind
    • Use the mind to help the soul expand and soar
created to evolve
Created to Evolve?
  • Nature of life:
    • It grows and changes
    • It has a purpose of evolution, from amoeba to being God-like
    • Up to human level it is automatic evolution
    • Humans are bestowed with Will and Determination
    • Choices are made till we become slaves of those choices
characteristics of life
Characteristics of Life
  • What are we today?
    • Choices, experiences, knowledge are nothing but what we are today… – our personality
  • Characteristics of life
    • Human life should also evolve – No choice
    • It is an evolution of knowing and being who we really are, and ought to become
    • Freedom of will makes it challenging
    • Body is limited, mind is less limited and soul is unlimited.
    • How do we realize this?
  • “As long as we think we are what we are, we can not be THAT we can be”
  • So, we think of THAT we can be and we have to be
  • So, let us want to be THAT
  • Let us remind ourselves of THAT
  • Align our willed action with THAT
what is meditation7
  • As you think so you become
  • So, let us think about what we can become, becoming which we are content!
  • It is not riches, beauty, intelligence – not all rich people are happy, not all beautiful people are good, and not all intelligent people are spiritual
  • So, we meditate on Realizing our REAL NATURE – God-likeness or divinity
natural path
Natural Path
  • So How does Natural Path (Sahaj Marg) work?
    • Open for all that is willing and able to practice
    • What is the practice?
    • Meditation, Cleaning, Prayer meditation
    • No fees charged
    • Balanced existence and Universal brotherhood
    • People from all walks of life leading a normal life with a divine sense of purpose
how to meditate
How to meditate?
  • Done in the morning for a minimum of 30 minutes… preferably for an hour
  • Try to do it first thing in the morning
  • Sit in a comfortable position with eyes closed
  • Begin the meditation with a prayer for spiritual elevation
  • Begin with the IDEA that the heart is filled with divine light
what happens in meditation
What happens in meditation?
  • Mind will wander… Ignore the thoughts
  • Gently come back to the heart and the IDEA
  • Transmission will be felt
    • Divine energy comes when a vacuum is created
    • It can be felt… feels like lullaby for the soul
    • Nourishes the soul, soothes the mind and quiets the body
    • Takes 3 – 6 months before one feels the transmission
how to do cleaning
How to do Cleaning?
  • It is done in the evening, for approx. 30 minutes
  • Preferably on returning from regular work
  • Sit like in the morning, but now with the idea that we are cleaning ourselves of all the past impressions, thoughts, impurities, grossness, heaviness, etc.
  • Think that these are going away in form of smoke or vapor from the back side
  • Imagine that the divine energy is coming from the front filling up the heart
what happens in cleaning
What happens in cleaning?
  • The mind wanders as usual… ignore it
  • Focus on cleaning. Use of will power is important to think the going away of the impurities and attracting divine energy from the front
  • You will feel lighter at the end of the session and also feel transmission at end
  • Cleaning complements meditation
  • We forget what we need to forget and remember what we need to remember
prayer meditation
Prayer Meditation
  • Normally done at night as we go to bed
  • Spend about 10 – 15 minutes… Introspecting and resolving to do better
  • Today ends tonight and tomorrow is a brand new day
  • Remind ourselves of the Divine Nature in us and meditate on the meaning of the prayer and go to sleep!
  • We connect the morning meditation to this nightly prayer and sleep peacefully!
what is the prayer
What is the prayer?
  • “O, Master! Thou art the real goal of human life; We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement. Thou art the only God and power to bring us up to that stage”
  • Who and what is a Master?
    • Both a principle and a person
    • One who has Mastered himself
    • Spiritual Master similar to Master Artisan, Master Craftsman and Master Physicist
guru the master the teacher
Guru, The Master, The Teacher
  • Realizing the need for a Guru
    • It is easier to be taught a practice than to invent on our own
    • Like a mountain guide… You need him till you return to the base!
  • How to select a Guru
    • One who is not money, power, fame-minded
    • Serves humanity in the remembrance of God
    • Practices what he or she preaches
    • Leads by example
benefits of this practice
Benefits of this Practice
  • No experience without practice
  • No substitute for experience
  • Experience will show
    • Better clarity of mind
    • Better health
    • Natural improvements in habits
    • Better relationships
    • Efficiency at work
    • Deeper inner abidance and beatitude
    • And in-the-world and not-of-this-world conditions
  • Individual sittings with the preceptors
    • Preceptors are trainers and practitioners
    • More like sponsors or mentors
  • Group meditation
    • Day time Venue
    • Sunday time Venue
  • Support from the Guru –books and seminars
  • Practice of Constant Remembrance
reference materials
Reference Materials
  • www.srcm.org or write to info@srcm.org
  • Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1
    • By Ram Chandra
  • My Master
    • By P. Rajagopalachari
  • Sahaj Marg Companion
    • By Clark Powell
how to get started
How to get started?
  • If you are interested in trying this Natural Path system of Raja Yoga meditation:
    • You should be 18 years of age
    • No money is needed
    • Allocate 70 - 100 minutes a day
    • Start with 3 individual sittings in 3 days
    • Call one of the Preceptors by contacting info@srcm.org