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Meditation. To know what meditation is To explain the benefits of meditation To practice meditation. What is it ?. What are the benefits of meditating?. To clean out all bad thoughts

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  • To know what meditation is

  • To explain the benefits of meditation

  • To practice meditation

What is it ?

What are the benefits of meditating
What are the benefits of meditating?

To clean out all bad thoughts

Makes you happy. When you mind is focussed and clear, you will forget about all your problems, and just be yourself, happy here and now.

You might learn new abilities like reading other people’s minds, seeing things far away.

You will learn more about yourself and how your mind works, so you will not be mixed up and confused.

You will make your mind sharper and clear. You will be less shy, and more confident, remember things better, and be a more helpful person.

It makes you a better person. You won’t get angry about things you don’t like, because you will understand its just how things are. You won’t be greedy because you’ll be happy with what you have

Watch the video and remember 3 benefits.

Summarise the 3 or 4 most important benefits in order of importance

Practice meditation
Practice Meditation!

  • What was your experience of meditating about

    • Saying cat/ dog/ dad/ me

    • Being aware of sitting/ breathing / stomach “rising”/ “falling”

    • Saying out your feelings/ bad thoughts/ desires

Meditating on colours
Meditating on Colours

  • Try this meditation, now that you know what to expect.

Share what your experience was of doing this. How do you feel afterwards?

The five obstacles to concentration
The Five Obstacles to concentration.

Did you experience any of these during your meditation ?

Write out the obstacles with the subtitle.

Explain, using one example, why it might make meditating difficult.

Which one do you think you might be most vulnerable to? Explain why.

1.  Sensual desire

2.  Ill will, hatred, or anger

3.  Laziness and sluggishness

4.  Restlessness and worry

5.  Doubt – more like pessimism than genuine uncertainty, with no wish to cure it.