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hCare access on a Mac PowerPoint Presentation
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hCare access on a Mac

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hCare access on a Mac

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  1. hCare access on a Mac Page1 of 2 Installation The system will detect whether the software needs to be installed and will present the “Download Client “dialog box. Click the “Download” button, the client will begin to install, click “Continue” to install the plug-in. Mac installation guide will walk you through step by step to install hCare access. Open a browser and type in the URL for hCare access provided below (red box). https://eastflorida.ns.medcity.net When the hCare access page appears enter your 3-4 ID and Network or Meditech Password, click “Log On”, (red box). The Software License Agreement appears, click “Continue”, below (red box). Assuming you have logged on to hCare access before on a previous machine and completed enrollment, you will be presented two of your indentifying questions. Enter your answers and click “Continue”. Otherwise you must choose 4 different Security Questions, check YES at the bottom and then click Enter. Click “Agree” to the terms of the agreement (if you choose to agree.

  2. hCare access on a Mac Page2 of 2 Type in the information and Click the blue “OK” button below (red box). Next the “Select a Destination” dialog box will appear. Select the hard drive as the destination for the installand click the “Continue” button. The green check confirms your installation was successful. Click the blue “Close” button below (red box). The “Standard Install on a Mac HD” dialog box will appear click “Install” below(red box). Your desktop will be presented to you and you are ready to go. Remember installation is a one time event. If you have questions please contact the Physician Help Desk at 888-561-6599 The online plug-in on a Mac requires Administrative rights so you must put in the credentials to the Admin account. This would be the same credentials you would supply anytime you install software on your Mac.