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History Project PowerPoint Presentation
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History Project

History Project

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History Project

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  1. History Project

  2. MENU What were the crusades? Their enemies Consequences of the crusades The crusaders’ armour End of presentation

  3. What were the Crusades? The crusades were a series of religious wars between Muslims and Christians, beginning in 1096. They started when the Seljuk Turks invaded the Holy Land (Palestine). The Byzantine emperor wanted to recover this land by fighting in a holy war in the name of God.

  4. Their enemies: The Seljuk Turks The Seljuk Turks seized much of Asia minor from the Byzantines. They conquered the Holy Land and threatened to take Constantinople in the 1100’s. These people attacked the Christians who went on pilgrimages to the holy land.

  5. The Crusaders’ Armour A Cross in their Helmet A Cross in their Shield The Cross in their Clothes

  6. Consequences of the crusades When the crusades began some lords sold their serfs and land to finance a campaign. Some others raised money for an expedition by granting a charter to a town or village of their own. Many serfs ran away because their lords were in the Holy Land. Those circumstances weakened feudalism and increased the power of kings. As a result of the crusades feudalism declined, trade increased and a revival of learning took place. The stimulation between Europeans from their contact with Arab and Byzantine cultures was great. The new ideas they brought back to Europe helped to bring about the Renaissance. So much goods travelled from and to the Middle East, that commerce and shipbuilding flourished.

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