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The Road

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The Road. Louis eastwood. Settings. Here are some screen grabs from the road. They showed the different places the characters have travelled to and from.

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the road

The Road

Louis eastwood


Here are some screen grabs from the road. They showed the different places the characters have travelled to and from.

Post apocalyptic films are set in dystopian worlds; and imagined place or state where everything is unpleasant or bad. The settings shown are very typical of this genre. The road is set in very dark and miserable places. The set always appears to be very empty and although the characters are the last living thing left on the earth.

It is very typical for characters to come across abandoned cars and rubbish upon there paths. For example the second screen grab connotes that somebody had to evacuate there truck in order to hide to get safety


Like in most films there is a typical heroic protagonist. In this case the male protagonist is the dad who takes care of his son and guides him to safety. Here you can seen the father wrapping his arms around his son and making him feel safe. The clothing is very typical, dirty scruffy coats, everything worn is purely for warmth and appearance and fashion is not important .

A close up of the little boys facial expressions show his vulnerability. He is very young and also very frightened and weak.

They come across a group of hillbillies who have turned to cannibalism in order to survive. This group is well equipped with guns, cigarettes and big trucks. They are a threat to the father and his son and must be avoided.

  • The narrative begins in the aftermath of an unknown disaster. The goal is to reach safety and to once again find civilisation.
  • The hope of safety and goal is based around a bond between a father and his son
  • upon this path there are many dangerous obstacles the characters must come across
  • The main character becomes injured midway through the narrative and hope is reduced
  • At the end of the narrative safety and good is found in family. Hope of civilisation is restored
mise en scene
  • Lighting- The film is set at winter time, there is virtually no sun at all and it appears to be very very cold. This gives a very dark and unfortunate mood
  • Props- the film is based around survival and in doing so there is a lot of weaponry involved such as guns and knifes. This is very typical of the genre as it is use to make certain characters look more/less powerful than others. There is also a lot of Rucksacks and bags used to give the feel of being outside and the need and the importance of items like food and water.