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The Road

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The Road. Cormac McCarthy Find a laptop and log on. Open a Word document please. . Find a friend .

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the road

The Road

Cormac McCarthy

Find a laptop and log on. Open a Word document please.

find a friend
Find a friend
  • If you were absent Thursday, find another AP friend or two who were also absent or who weren’t but will do this activity with you anyway. Follow the steps on the following slides. Print and turn it in.
  • To use “probing the text” close reading technique of dialectical writing and written conversation to explore the meaning of the novel  to develop longer and better essays.
probing the text set up word document
Probing the text - Set up word document
  • Put your name at the top.

Page Layout, make your margins .5” all around.

  • Create a 4-column table in your Word doc. (Insert Table)
  • Insert Table, 4 columns by one row.
  • Table Tools tab, Layout tab, Properties, Options, deselect “Automatically resize to fit contents.”
  • SAVE your work.
probing procedure part 1
Probing Procedure, part 1
  • From your envelope contents, “gather” images from your quotes by typing them into column one. Choose any that you wish, any that you are drawn to for any reason. Grab all of the quote or only chunks, but do not paraphrase. Quote exactly.
  • Keep gathering until you have filled the first column with images to the bottom of the page or until I call time.
    • SAVE your work.
probing procedure part 2
Probing Procedure, part 2
  • Gently pass your laptop to your neighbor on your left.
  • When you get the laptop, read the quotes in column one, and then in column 2, answer the following prompt: What do these images tell the story of?
  • Keep thinking and writing until I call time. It’s okay if you go onto a second page. Please don’t stop. Please don’t talk.
    • SAVE your work.
probing procedure part 3
Probing Procedure, part 3:
  • Again, pass the laptop to the neighbor on your left.
  • Read columns 1 and 2, then answer the following prompt in column 3: Why does Cormac McCarthy send the man and the boy on this journey?
    • SAVE your work.
column four prompt process writing
Column Four Prompt: Process writing
  • Pass your laptop back to the original writer.
  • Original writer, read the entries in columns 1, 2 and 3.
  • In column 4, answer this prompt: Where is your thinking right now?
    • SAVE your work.