bob the b est o f b reed n.
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BOB – The B est o f B reed

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BOB – The B est o f B reed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BOB – The B est o f B reed. Why BOB?. Gaming System Operators want an easy way: to configure the gaming machines (EGMs) to access information about game play to manage the collection and payout of money to change the games available at a particular EGM or set of EGMs

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Presentation Transcript
why bob
Why BOB?
  • Gaming System Operators want an easy way:
    • to configure the gaming machines (EGMs)
    • to access information about game play
    • to manage the collection and payout of money
    • to change the games available at a particular EGM or set of EGMs
    • to update software in a peripheral device
    • to prove regulatory compliance
  • And … the solution should be cost-effective!!!
  • Enter BOB = Best of Breed
    • The gaming industry currently has multiple solutions for providing some of the EGM-to-server communication in a largely proprietary way.
    • Why not take the best ideas from each, add some new functionality, and define an open standard that all manufacturers can build to and gaming operators only have to learn once?
bob value proposition
BOB Value Proposition
  • Increased Visibility
    • BOB enables increased visibility of patron behaviors, playing habits, game preferences, dining, hospitality, entertainment activities and more
  • Increased ROI
    • Increase revenues by understanding patron behaviors and dynamically managing the EGMs to satisfy patron demands
    • Decrease costs by using more effective and efficient tools to manage, analyze and evaluate productivity and profitability of operations
  • Investment Protection
    • More choices, higher quality, and an exit option
    • Open standards are more robust and ensure a smooth migration path to achieve new functionality
scope of bob protocol
Scope of BOB Protocol









Player Tracking


Slot Accounting









BOB Servers

what is bob bob is
What is BOB? BOB Is…
  • Communication protocols between EGMs and servers.
  • Designed for the networked casino floor environment and lottery systems.
  • Based on current, proven technology standards.
    • XML, SOAP, Web Services, etc.
  • Consisting of layered independent components.
    • Message Standards
    • Configuration Standards
    • Download Standards
    • Central Determinant Standards
    • Transport Standards
bob networking features
BOB Networking Features
  • EGMs can communicate with multiple servers.
  • Different servers can manage different applications.
    • One server can manage vouchers while another manages player tracking while another manages configuration.
  • XML-based messaging between EGMs and servers.
  • Multiple transports using TCP/IP:
    • EGMs to servers over 100 Mbps Ethernet connections
    • EGM-to-SMIB over low-speed serial link
    • EGM to Site Controller over low-speed multi-drop link
    • EGM to Site Controller over dial-up
a bob meter request

Host Request




themeId = “sum”




EGM Response

<meterInfo metertype =“onDemand”>












meterValue=“2504100” />


A BOB Meter Request

[A little easier to understand]

current bob classes
Core Classes (5)






Optional Classes (15)

Coin Acceptor

Note Acceptorand Dispenser

Coin Hopper






Current BOB Classes
  • Voucher
  • Wagering Account Transfer
  • Game Authentication
  • Audit Meters
  • Configuration
  • Download
  • Central Determinant
bob current status
BOB – Current Status
  • Errata 3 released to the public on August 22.
    • BOB v1.1.22 Message Protocol and Schema.
    • EGM and Host simulators (currently being upgraded).
      • Software tools that generate BOB messages sent between an EGM and a server.
        • Validates the new protocols (gain experience).
        • Creates a set of tools to enable a developer to build and test their BOB in their platform.
        • Used in GSA/BOB training classes and for self-study.
  • Several Addenda released for Member Comment:
    • Configuration Class
    • Download Class
    • Central Determinant Class
        • Comments are due back by September 23.
gaming industry first
Gaming Industry First
  • BOB Download Class was the direct result of an open industry forum on Software Download held on May 26.
  • Five companies presented requirements, issues, experiences, and ideas:
    • Members: GTECH, Multimedia Gaming, Progressive Gaming
    • Non-Members: Cyberview, IGT
  • A 2-hour follow-on discussion set the direction.
  • Bally submitted a proposal that was reviewed, modified, and released for Member Comment.

This is cross-company collaboration at its finest!!!

bob in the future
BOB in the Future
  • Errata 4 being considered.
  • New classes being defined for:
    • smart cards, tournaments, additional GDS devices.
  • Merger of BOB and SuperSAS.
  • Another Industry First:
    • EGM Virtual Machine Project – joint development of EGM code by several of the Member Companies.
benefits of bob
Benefits of BOB
  • Single method of communication between an EGM and one or more Hosts
  • Yield management for multi-game cabinets
  • Rich information about EGM and its peripherals
  • Easy to add new applications to the casino
  • Standardized transport methods allow use of “off the shelf” development tools
  • Manufacturers can focus on content
bob protocol simulators
A pair of software applications, (EGM and Host) available to generate the BOB messages that are sent between a game and a system

1) Validates the new protocols (gain experience)

2) Creates a set of tools to enable a developer to build and test their BOB in their platform

Where are we today?

1) Simulators are in final QA and packaging

2) All classes of the BOB protocol implemented and tested

3) Developer notes and lessons learned from the Sims are in progress, and will be distributed with these tools

BOB Protocol Simulators
protocol simulator overview
Protocol Simulator Overview
  • EGM Simulator
    • Simulates a BOB EGM - can be configured via the User Interface or from a Host Service
    • Game Play interface - supports all meters, all BOB Classes
    • BOB messaging with multiple hosts, simultaneously
    • Support for GDS devices
  • Host Simulator
    • Up to 7 individually configurable Host Services
    • Full BOB communication with EGM or simulator
    • Support for multiple concurrent gaming machines