Alternative energy sources
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Alternative Energy Sources. By: Sam Dickey. My website. MCAA READS Research Journal. Biomass energy. All living things need energy. Humans and animals need food for energy, plants need sunlight for energy.

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My website
My website

MCAA READS Research Journal

Biomass energy
Biomass energy

All living things need energy. Humans and animals need food for energy, plants need sunlight for energy.

Biomass Energy creates energy by using dead animals or plants. This energy is a type of electrical energy.

Scientists think this will be the next big thing for a source of energy.

Burning gas and coal for energy
Burning Gas and Coal for Energy

Burning gas and coal has been around for a long time. Some of it is bad for the environment, it gives out pollution.

An example of pollution is the black smoke coming from the back of the really big trucks.

Nuclear energy
Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is very cool in my opinion. What it does is it takes the electrons from atoms and puts them together to make electricity. Doing this creates energy but also makes something called nuclear waste.

Solar energy
Solar energy

Solar energy is a very unique type of energy source. It doesn’t really turn light into electricity, it turns ions into electricity. The sun gives off light and ions. If there wasn’t light, but there were ions coming from the sun, solar energy would still work.

It only takes about 30% of the ions and turns it into electricity.

Now, let’s go outside, I would like to show you something.