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Print television adverts




Paco rabanne advert one
Paco Rabanne; Advert One

  • I feel that this advert is aimed at females in particular because there is an image of a young healthy, well proportioned woman. She appears sophisticated, confident and I think that they have purposely done this to engage the female target market giving them an idea of equality with beauty appeal when wearing the lady million perfume.

  • The style of this poster is quite dramatic, intense and contrasting. The limited colours of black, greyscale and gold makes the advert appeal more clear, bold and intreging for the public eye.

  • The main products and information, e.g. The perfume bottle and brand of the product is placed in gold to uplift them from the rest of the text and images. This ultimately creates a foreground and background approach. This allows the background and model to blend together ensuring it doesn’t distract from the main idea of the advert. To sell the product ‘Lady Million, by Paco Rebanne’.

The perfume bottle in this advert is placed to give it an angled, edgy feel. It adds a different structure and appeal to the advert. I feel the unusual shape of the perfume adds creativity throughout this. The background image of the young woman compliments the unique shape and style of the bottle as they both appear very edgy and clean cut. The plain and background makes the bottle the main point to the advert. As the perfume is the selling point of the advert and the part which paco rebanne wants to grab attention to. This is done effectively in my opinion as throughout this advert continues to compliment and flow within each section.

Paco rabanne advert one follow on
Paco Rabanne; Advert One‘follow on’

  • The sizing and proportion of the advert is very central apart from the perfume bottle which is situated off centre to the bottom right. I feel they have done this to make the image more interesting and to attract the publics eye to that section more as it is not directly inline with the rest. The text across the centre ‘paco rebanne’ is a medium size and would officially be classed as a standard format. This would result in it blending in rather then fading or being to noticeable. The writing has been placed in a gold glitter style format i feel this personally adds texture and a 3D appearance. Resulting in again making the advert consisting of a foreground and background appeal.

  • Lastly am i going to discuss how his advert relates to the product well helping it to sell and overall advertising it to the public eye. I feel overall the style and layout of the advert is designed to give the apparent sexy and sophiscated fragrance that paco rebanne are trying to perceive. This is effective and i also feel the colours help perceive this idea to the public eye also as its subtle but classy design. They have used splashes of gold colour relating to the product to add colour, this makes the advert more attractive and appealing to the target audience. I feel that from examining this advert the target audience would be young middle class/working class woman, suggesting around about 20-40 the sophicasted appeal and design of the product/advert suggest it defiantly would be aimed at the older woman as the model does not appear to young and the style is modern yet appealing to all ages. I finally feel the edginess but calm elegance flowing through this advert makes it appeal to most people resulting in an all round likeable product.

Paco rabanne advert 2
Paco Rabanne’Advert 2

This is the male perfume called ‘1 Million’ by Paco Rabanne. As you can see the bottle is a lot more masculine then the female one. It is tall and appears very slender also, the slightly curved edges create a modern and sophisticated bottle. I feel that the ideas have flowed between both male and female perfume bottles. They carry and appear very bold and intriguing to the public eye. They have used a confident, young and handsome man that is sexy and mysterious. He also indicates to the public that it is aimed at a younger male target market. The suit may also suggest that this product maybe aimed at ‘upper class’ people and maybe on the higher end of the present market with regards to the cost of the product.

This advert has been designed and styled in a similar way to the ‘Lady Million’ woman's bottle as, in both adverts the people have been situated in the centre. This is effective as it causes the overall appearance of the advert to have a strong and bold structure. This produces certainty and confidence for the product. Another Similarity is the perfume has been positioned in the right hand corner. I feel that this attracts people to look at the advert as a whole, rather then just at the model. I have noticed that the bottle is slightly taller than the gentleman's hips which to me has been placed there to suggest importance and power of the product. It also makes the bottle appear taller and manly.

I am fond of the grayscale and gold choice of colours and again this is a recognition of the paco rabanne ‘million’ perfume designs. I like the bold, clear and stretched design of the font. Although, I have noticed it is the only ‘short’ image/text in the advert. This would consequently add some variety to the overall advert and content .

Tv advert for paco rabanne lady million
TV Advert For PacoRabanne‘Lady Million’


  • I am now going to analyze the television advert ‘Lady Million’ by Paco rabanne. Paco rabanne have consistently kept the colours, black and gold throughout. These colours are a main recognition of the brand and establishes the quality, style and designs of their brand and what they offer e.g satisfaction or popularity. In this instance, fragrance bottles.

  • Firstly I am fond of the first shot, this includes a medium close up (mcup) of the model shown in the ‘Lady Million’ print advert. I feel that this immediately demonstrates the target audience. Also, many people will want to keep watching it for the beauty appeal or the interest, desire to look or appear similar to the model. There is a flash (camera) also, which suggests glamour or importance. This automatically sets the target market and captures the desired viewers attention. It is an overall short and snappy shot which plays a major part in introducing the idea of the advert and product.

  • After this shot there are a few swift and choppy cuts which are performed on the beat. Involving medium shots, medium close ups I feel this creates a very upbeat and uplifting atmosphere resulting you to become and feel in a good mood, consequently wanting you to go out and experience the time she's having. The audience is now intrigued to know what the advert is about as there has been no ideas or suggestions of what exactly is being marketed and advertised to the public eg. Shoes. This may detach from the actual advertising for Lady Million perfume however the quick timing of the shot is designed well. The first clips are involving the target audience (females) with the ideas of escape and beauty to a glamorous and unrealistic environment that every young person would desire to participate in or adjure.

  • The next important slide which I feel is very effective towards selling and advertising this product is about half way through, the male model from the masculine Paco Rabanne fragrance. This may cause some people to recognize what the advert is advertising. This shot in the advert is good and lasts slightly longer than the other ones that have been previously shown. How this shot is set out is effective and I am fond of the idea of joining the two models together and have them perform to advertise not only want appears to be the product, but the brand as well. This works well as they use props such as glitter to create a magical impression on attraction and men. The glitter relates really well to the product and woman's print adverts, this is another suggesting that it possibly aimed at woman. It also again fits in with style of glamour, confidence and irresistibility throughout.

Http www pacorabanne com ladymillion en

  • I would also like to mention the woman is always wearing glitter or sequins on her clothes, dresses. This gives the audience the ideas of an nighttime idea and appearance, this implies that this could possibly be a evening fragrance as it is shown in a nightlife atmosphere. The public would be drawn to purchase Lady Million because they may want to feel attractive, more sexy and ultimately become more complete.

  • The quick medium shot of the paparazzi's give the impression of a celebrity vision and the persuasion the the target audience to want to experience the power, popularity and importance of this certain lifestyle. I think that these words are also very much associated with the Lady Million perfume and the way in which is is presently being portrayed.

  • The final shot is of medium – wide shot. This shot involved the model clicking her fingers towards the camera. This tells me that they wanted us to feel as though she was pointing towards us, trying to lure the audience in and feel like they are the ones who should buy this product instead of being without it. Although, they have cut out her head out of this image I feel that it is effective as there may in my personal opinion have aimed it too much towards her.

  • The music throughout this advert is extremely, modern and alive, involving a techno and upbeat rhythm. It sets the location of a night out, a clubbing or party atmosphere. This music tends to draw in more of the younger females basing around the ages of 16 – 25.

  • It overall produces a good, snappy tempo which compliments the video in a fun, lively yet still sophisticated manner. I am very fond of this advert and am very complimentary of both print and TV forms of advertising for lady million Paco Rebanne, they are efficient with consistently holding a professional mannerism it creates a strong and intimate perfume. This advert has covered many different aspects or subjects which endure the target market (females) to be interested in, encouraging and persuading them to purchase this product.