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Morse v. Fredrick

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Morse v. Fredrick. By: Mariah Sumpter & Loreal Sands. Summary.

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Morse v. Fredrick

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morse v fredrick

Morse v. Fredrick

By: Mariah Sumpter & Loreal Sands

  • In this case, a student sued his principle for suspending the student for having a sign that said “Bong hits for Jesus”. This case started at District court. The court found it in favor of the principle. Fredrick's attorney appealed this, and so the case moved to circuit court. Fredrick’s attorney used the fact that the boy’s first amendment right was being violated. The final out come of this was in favor of Frederick.
  • Frederick is the one who filled the lawsuit on his principle. The student and his friends were holding a banner that said “bong hits for Jesus”. Morse (the principle) went and demanded that they were to take down the sign however he didn’t and so his principle suspended him for 10days.
  • The principle, in his mind he thinks that the students were promoting the use of marijuana and she however did not like that idea, and asked the students to take it down and when Frederick refused she took things into her own hands.
court case
Court case
  • 1st the student sues the principle for violating the students first amendment rights. The case starts at district court. This court however found it to be in favor of the principle.
  • 2nd Frederick’s attorney and Frederick did not like this and so they appealed this and it then moved to the ninth circuit court and from there they argued the fact that he has a freedom of speech according to the first amendment.
the outcome
The outcome
  • The final out come was in favor of Fredrick.
  • the Supreme Court said that young people do not "shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate," ruling that students have the right to free speech at school, as long as their speech does not disrupt the educational process.
expert s opinions

Expert’s Opinions

John Paul Stevens

“mused [Deborah Morse] could just as easily have suspended a student for a banner inscribed "Wine Sips 4 Jesus" on the grounds that it promoted underage drinking.”

experts opinions
Experts Opinions
  • The Kosmix Community

“Because it was considered school speech and not free speech, the school had the right to censor the banner and the message because of the content.”

experts opinions1
Experts Opinions
  • Gil Kaufman

“As hard as it is to believe, the Bush administration is at odds with one of its biggest supporters — the religious right — in the Supreme Court battle over “Bong Hits 4 Jesus.”

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  • What was the phrase on the sign that Frederick brought to the parade?
  • How long was the suspension?
  • Who won the first ruling?
  • Who won the final outcome?
  • What is your opinion on the case?
the end

The End!!!