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Front & Back Country Camping

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Front & Back Country Camping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Front & Back Country Camping. 2012 CPHS. Overview. Front and Back Country Camping Definition Locations Shelter Clothing Food/ Water Supplies Campfires. Front Country Camping. Front Country Camping is defined as camping near civilization. (Bunting,p 53)

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  • Front and Back Country Camping
    • Definition
    • Locations
    • Shelter
    • Clothing
    • Food/ Water
    • Supplies
    • Campfires
front country camping
Front Country Camping
  • Front Country Camping is defined as camping near civilization. (Bunting,p 53)
  • Frontcountry is composed of outdoor areas that are easily accessible by vehicle and mostly visited by day users. Developed campgrounds are also included in the frontcountry arena. (
front country camping shelter
Front Country Camping -Shelter
  • Shelter
    • Tent
    • RV
    • Pop Up Trailer
    • pop up trailer video
  • Sleep Systems
    • Sleeping pad
    • Sleeping bag
    • *The larger the bag is compared to your body, the more air you have to warm up*
front country camping clothing
Front Country Camping - Clothing



Pack clothing and shoes according to your location and activities

front country camping food water
Front Country Camping – Food & Water
  • Water supplied by sitehes
  • Fire pit/ bbq grill supplied by host site
  • Bring your food & meal plan, silverware, cooking utensils
  • Dutch oven cooking
front country camping supplies
Front Country Camping- Supplies
  • Emergency first aid / care supplies
  • Prescribed medication
  • Insect repellent
  • Multi tool
  • Anything you can fit into your vehicle
front country camping campfires
Front Country Camping- Campfires

Tinder, twiggies - Getting a fire started

Kindling- Fuel for adding to a tinder fire

Wood - Fuel

Position wood so oxygen can flow under

Match, lighter or candle - Heat source

Most state parks do not allow you to gather fire supplies from their location

front country camping1
Front Country Camping

Summary: With front country camping if you forget something or have an emergency, help or a store is usually nearby.

back country definition
Back Country - Definition

Locations that cannot be explored with a motorized vehicle and that require some means of physical exertion for traveling through them. (Bunting, 67)

"... get there by your own legs,... exist on what you bring and rely on your gear and wits to survive, would require SAR action for rescue..."

-Trailspace Blog definition

back country locations
Back Country - Locations

National Park Service

USDA Forest Service

Wyoming, White Water Rafting

Hiring a guide

back country clothing
Back Country - Clothing

Wool, silk, synthetic -do not absorb water

skin layer (long underwear in synthetic, silk, or wool)

insulating layer (synthetic fleece, down jacket)

wind-barrier layer (nylon or Gore-Tex)

Durable shoes, hiking, boating, etc.

Proper clothing for excursions/ activities

back country shelter
Back Country - Shelter
  • Man Made Materials
  • Tent & plastic sheet
  • Tarp & rope
  • Sleeping bag & pad
  • Nature Made Materials
  • Caves
  • Debris Hut
back country camping food water
Water Treatment Options:


Iodine Tablets

Bleach solution



Back Country Camping-Food & Water

Find a water supply

Decide how you will treat the water

Make enough potable water for all tasks

back country camping food water1
Back Country Camping-Food & Water


Won't spoil

Calories & nutrients


Freeze Dried Food

Whatever food isn't eaten, take it with you

back country camping

Small cooking utensils

Foil packets


Back Country Camping-

Food Storage

Never have food in your tent

Do not leave food in a pack unless you are in the process of travelling from one campsite to another *Take all leftover food withyou....

Hang your food in a bag from a high tree limb far enough off the ground that animals can't reach it.

back country camping supplies
Back Country Camping -Supplies
  • Only bring the supplies and equipment you are willing
  • to carry your entire trip
  • Packing your bag
  • Create a checklist
  • Make water easily accessible
  • Bulky items on bottom and close to your back
back country camping summary
Back Country Camping - Summary

You are far from civilization and could be placed in dangerous situations with only the aid of your group and your equipment.

tent building
Tent Building
  • 1) Inventory
  • 2) Lay out the Tent
  • 3) Install the poles
  • 4) Stake the tent
  • 5) Install the rainfly
  • 6) Install tent guy-lines
  • 7) Install the foot mat
  • Tent video