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  1. Miami Dade County Public SchoolsDepartment of Food and NutritionOlga V. Botero, DirectorAngie Kasselakis, Region Coordinator

  2. Overview • The goal of the Summer Food Service Program for Children is to serve a nutritious breakfast and lunch that meets the meal pattern requirements and is appetizing to children 18 years old or younger during the summer months. • USDA requires that meals offer variety. • Foods are offered from the four major food components: Milk, Meat or Meat Alternate, Fruits, Vegetables, and Breads/Grains.

  3. Programs/Schools will serve a standardized meal for breakfast and lunch that meets the USDA requirements. There will not be any choices for the students to select from (No Offer vs Serve). • Breakfast will be a unitized meal, plus a milk on a daily basis. • Lunch will be either a unitized meal, plus a milk or a meal in a 3 compartment tray that includes all the components. • A la carte items are not available. • Competitive Ruling applies during the summer. • Children are not allowed to leave the site with food.

  4. Sample Lunch Menu

  5. Site Application • Many of the Site Applications have been completed. If so, please review the information as we go through it. If it is incomplete, please fill it in now. Let’s review the information. • Regulation indicates breakfast service can be up to one hour and lunch service up to two hours. There must be a three hour difference between the beginning of breakfast and the beginning of lunch time(s). If there are several programs operating in your school, all groups must eat within those time frames. • The “…And Justice for All” poster must be displayed prominently where children are eating. Posters are no longer required on field trips. • The menu must be available on-site. It can be found on-line at nutrition.dadeschools.net – Resources – Summer 2012. • Field trips must be reported to Food and Nutrition at least 48 hours prior to the field trip to mparlade@dadeschools.net.

  6. Intersession (6/11-7/3) and after session (8/2-8/3) • Summer session (7/5-8/1) • Senior High schools operating under Adult Education (6/18-7/25) • All programs serving 40 or more lunches will receive a delivery of breakfast and lunch in refrigerated trucks. Sites serving less than 40 lunches will need to pick-up meals at the closest open site. All meals, breakfast and lunch will be cold. • The day prior to the start of your camp/summer program/school all Site Directors/Principals should have been contacted by your Food and Nutrition Coordinator/monitor to explain where your meals will be delivered from, or if you need to pick-up meals and where.

  7. On the first day of your program, the delivery will consist of lunch for that day and breakfast for the following day. • If you need breakfast for the first day, please e-mail mddiaz@dadeschools.netat least the day prior to starting, to let us know that you will pick-up your breakfast meals the day prior to you starting your program. Please be sure to indicate quantity needed. Ms. Diaz will indicate the location and time for pick-up. • Receiving, serving and accountability of the meals will be done by school personnel, not food service. • Staff receiving the meals should verify the meals being received matched the number of meals ordered the prior day. • Each day will have a separate delivery ticket. • At receiving time the temperature of one meal will be taken by the delivery staff and your designated staff member and recorded on the delivery ticket. • At each meal (breakfast and lunch), school personnel must check-off the Daily Meal Count Record as the student is served the meal. A diagonal line is placed on top of each consecutive number. Form must be thoroughly completed, dated and signed.

  8. After Meal Service • Every day, after lunch service, the employee assigned to serve the meals must: • Count the leftovers and adjust the next day’s meal count accordingly. • Refrigerate any leftovers. • On a daily basis, e-mail to your assigned Region Coordinator or Monitor the following: • Delivery ticket • Daily Record of Meals served, one for breakfast and one for lunch fully completed. • Attendance roster • Sign-in/Walk-In roster • Site Supervisor’s Record of Meals Served • You must keep the originals on file at the school.

  9. Call or e-mail the next day’s count by 12:30 p.m. to: • Schools with names A-H Valerie Mullan 786-275-0415 vmullan@dadeschools.net • Schools with names I-P Carrie McCrary 786-275-0417 cmccrary@dadeschools.net • Schools with names Q-Z Maggie Parlade 786-275-0402 mparlade@dadeschools.net

  10. Notification to the Community • USDA requires all Summer Food Service Program Sites to inform their community about the operation of the meal program. • To be in compliance, you may write a letter on official school letterhead or you may include the information in the school’s summer bulletin. Sample letters are provided in today’s packet. Please complete the notification and send home to the school community by June 8, 2012. The sign-in period for students not enrolled in summer school should be done one day either by June 8th or the week your summer school or camp begins. • If you will operate Intersession, and summer session, please make sure you indicate those dates in the letter. • Please e-mail or mail a copy to Olga V. Botero at Food and Nutrition Location #9025 (obotero@dadeschools.net) • Keep a copy in the summer folder.

  11. Sample Letter To whom it may concern: Please be advised _____________school will open for the summer session from _________2012 through_______2012. Through a grant from the USDA it will be possible to offer all children 18 years of age or under, regardless of race, color, sex, disability, age, or national origin breakfasts and lunches during summer vacation when regular school is not in session. This program only provides funding during the summer months. When regular school starts in August, students will have to complete the application for free/reduced priced meals, as they have done in the past. The school will have a designated sign-in period for those students not enrolled in summer school. The sign-in will be on the______day of_____, between the hours of _____ and _____. Any child wishing to participate in the Summer Food Service Program for Children that fails to enroll during the designated sign-in period will have to check-in with the Principal prior to reporting to the cafeteria for meal service. This is necessary for security, safety and control reasons.

  12. Summer Attendance • The number of children being served meals in the cafeteria cannot exceed the total number of children in attendance and walk-ins. • A copy of the attendance bulletin must be kept in the summer folder.

  13. Walk-Ins • Walk-ins are students not enrolled in summer school, but registered to eat in the cafeteria. • Through the letter or summer bulletin you are advertising this program to the community, which may attract siblings or others who may want to come and eat in the cafeteria. • An electronic version of the Walk-in form may be found at nutrition.dadeschools.net – Resources – Summer 2012. • You must have a sign-in period for walk-ins. It should be done by June 8th or the first week your summer school or camp starts.

  14. Sign-In Sheet for Walk-In Participation The school may accept walk-ins throughout the summer session. Make sure their names are recorded in the Sign-In Sheet as a Walk-In.

  15. Civil Rights Compliance • Any complaint regarding discrimination of a child in the Summer Food Service Program, written or verbal must be reported to 1-800-504-6609. The nature of the incident that led to the discrimination must be explained. • The poster “…And Justice for All” must be displayed in the area where the children will be eating. Please take a poster with you if you feel you need one. Many cafeterias already have them displayed. • The non-discrimination statement must be included in the letter or bulletin advertising the program.

  16. On a daily basis you must e-mail the following to your assigned Food and Nutrition Coordinator or Monitor: • Delivery Ticket • Daily Meal Count Sheets (breakfast and lunch) • Attendance • Walk-in/Sign-In Roster • Site Supervisor’s Record of Meals Served Always keep the originals at the school.