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University of Behr el Ghazal

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University of Behr el Ghazal. Looking forward to the Future By David Pollitt.

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university of behr el ghazal

University of Behr el Ghazal

Looking forward to the Future

By David Pollitt


According to the Study in Africa website, UBG is located in South Sudan and serves four of the major provinces of South Sudan majoring in Business & Economics Degrees as well as Medicine and Health Degrees (2013, p. 1) paraphrased.

According to Dino J., UBG was opened in 2011, then closed a year later because of lack of funds, but it has recently opened again and operational (2013, p. 1) paraphrased.

UBG is currently in need of a fast and accessible Internet capable of supporting electronic books and online learning.

the mission
The Mission
  • According to the Study in Africa website, the mission of the university is as follows: “Contribute to provision of skilled human capital in areas of strategic, economic, and security importance to the nation. Help government meet the challenges of globalization of our economies” (p.1). The motto of UBG is “Knowledge is Prosperity” (p.1).
  • According to Study in Africa website, the goals of the university are as follows: “Establish a research-based and research driven institution; contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); provide market-oriented educational programs; help revitalize local industry and local business enterprises” (p.1).
futuristic scenario building
Futuristic Scenario Building
  • The university must decide whether they want to follow a doom-and-gloom scenario and give up or endorse new technology planning for the future.
  • The university must be acceptable to change in order to survive as a successful educational institution.
  • The university must be able to endorse internal and external scanning to better understand what most impacts how they develop a plan for the greatest possibility of success in the future.
new technology planning techniques
New Technology Planning Techniques
  • Endorsing a vision of electronic books, mobiles with camstreaming along with webcam and videoconferencing instruction and training.
  • Using stakeholders to visit other universities to better understand what to do and not to do in their technology planning.
producing library online access with blended classrooms
Producing Library & Online Access with Blended Classrooms

As Ron Zappolo in his interview with Thomas Frey mentioned in his video, Future Trends in Education, Jobs, Transportation, “Let the library produce things” (2008). A library acts like a communication hub for learning by providing facilities and expertise to develop student educational videos, Podcasts, and Webcasts.

Having unlimited access to online educational resources is an additional key trend to making this library center a successful learning center. There must be access on all levels of online educational resources driven by a vast assortment of up-to-date equipment. Educational resources can include: Proquest, Ebscohost, IBISWorld, Reference USA, and a wealth of scholarly journals, professional articles, and dissertations.

The educational technology trends pertaining to the UBG Project include the movement from classroom-only instruction to use blended (both classroom and online instruction) with the use of mobiles in classroom research; the use of electronic books in student learning, as well as iPads and like-kind technology.

improved unemployment
Improved Unemployment,

With a successful educational program, unemployment can be positively impacted. For instance, according to the article Education Pays: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society written by Baum, Ma, and Payea, “The 4.0% 2012 unemployment rate for individuals age 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree represented a decline from the 4.7% peak for this group in 2010” (2013, p.19). In addition, “From 1992 through 2012, the difference between the annual unemployment rate for individuals with some college but no degree and high school graduates ranged from 0.3 percentage points in 2003 to 1.1 percentage points in 2010” (p. 19).

better citizens
Better Citizens

Since this information is dealing specifically with correlation and not causation, a line can be drawn between a more successful economy along with better political and societal participation. According to Baum, Ma, and Payea, “Among adults ages 25 and older, 45% of those with a least a bachelor’s degree, 34% of those with some college or an associates degree, 21% of high school graduates and only 15% of those without a high school diploma reported understanding quite a bit or a great deal about the political issues facing our country. The percentage of four-year college graduates who donate their time to organizations is over twice as high as the percentage of high school graduates who volunteer” (p. 19). There seems to be a connection between education and how successful the well-educated participates in politics and government.


As discussed by Thomas Rabovsky in his article, Accountability in Higher Education: Exploring Impacts on State Budgets and Institutional Spending Patterns, budgetary funding from states varies, but there is no direct connection between educational results and funding because it is difficult to measure results (2012).

future vision of education
Future Vision of Education

Challenges & Opportunities

Technology Planning

Robust Broadband

Funding Sources

Create the Right Kind of Coursework

technology schedule
Technology Schedule

First Year

Façade Planning


Broadband Access

Second Year


Training Teachers

Library Computer Labs

Limited Devices

Third Year

Add More Devices

Add More Online Curriculum

Fourth Year

Producing Library

Outsource Instructors

Add More Devices

Fifth Year

Online Courses Reach 50% of all coursework.

  • There is a need to continue to plan for flexibility and change in this technology planning. It is through this planning that UBG educational technology planning will succeed. Once the planning for technology is complete, then there is no reason for UBG no to succeed. Planning for technology is the best process in their success.

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references continued
References Continued

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