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Mobile Access: BYOD Trends PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Access: BYOD Trends

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Mobile Access: BYOD Trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile Access: BYOD Trends. Scott dumore - director, technology, channels & Alliances Autonomy, Hp software. Agenda. Global Market Trends Considerations for BYOD Development Considerations – a Vendor’s View Leveraging Mobility for Enhanced Collaboration. Global Market Trends.

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Mobile Access: BYOD Trends

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Mobile Access: BYOD Trends Scott dumore - director, technology, channels & Alliances Autonomy, Hp software

    2. Agenda • Global Market Trends • Considerations for BYOD • Development Considerations – a Vendor’s View • Leveraging Mobility for Enhanced Collaboration

    3. Global Market Trends

    4. Global Market Trends

    5. Global Market Trends

    6. Global Market Trends

    7. Global Market Trends

    8. Considerations for BYOD • Security • Supportability • Ease of management • Access to content • Application integration • User experience

    9. User Experience • Access Content • File Email • Edit Documents • Attach Documents to Email • Collaborate • Capture Content • Engage with workflows • Search beyond device

    10. Mobile Access Trends Source: CMSWire

    11. Mobile Access Trends According to the “2013 Mobile Enterprise Report”: What was the biggest concern regarding mobile devices within organizations? SECURITY Source: CMSWire

    12. Mobile Access Trends Two issues outranked security: Onboarding devices to the enterprise Providing support for such a wide variety Source: CMSWire

    13. Questions, Questions! When will you support Windows Phone? Why doesn’t this work the same way on the iPhone? Do you support Blackberry 10? Is this compatible with my MDM platform? Can I get this same app on Android? What do you mean I have to use a browser? Why do you have such a focus on xxx platform?

    14. Different Devices & Capabilities • Vendors need to focus on complete solution/ecosystem • Integration with other apps needs to considered • User experience • Phone vs. Tablet • Web vs. App • Consider: form factor, market trends, and supportability

    15. Use Case WorkSite Mobility 2 and HP FlowCM Enhanced Collaboration on iOS:

    16. Solution Considerations It has to be about more than just “…there’s an app for that!” • Document editing capabilities • Must support any editing tools • Mobile document capture and upload • Need OCR capability as well • Simple collaboration from mobile device • Integration with cloud-based solutions • Different form factors • Tablet vs. phone • Security concerns • Authentication, encryption and mobile device management (MDM)

    17. Document Editing “Open In…” functionality to open documents Use your favorite editing app

    18. Enhanced Collaboration Linked folder in project workspace Connect DM system with cloud-based repository Secured by e-mail address

    19. Enhanced Collaboration Corresponds to LinkSite folder in WorkSite

    20. Enhanced Collaboration Different app… Same view!

    21. Enhanced Collaboration Push to FlowCM via “Open In…” WorkSite Mobility

    22. Mobile Capture • Supporting documents • Notes • Receipts

    23. OCR Capabilities Why is OCR important? • Images captured from the mobile device need to be searchable • Convenience means LOTS more images captured via mobile vs. other sources • Device shouldn’t have to support OCR, so make it server-side • OCR should be seamlessly integrated into existing CMS

    24. Different Form Factors Vs.

    25. Different Form Factors Software developers have had to re-think product design • Smaller size requires more careful UI design • Multiple screens for same function • Efficiency—most important functions need to be obvious • May naturally prefer one device for some functions • Phone for quickly searching/viewing content • Tablet for browsing/editing content • Users still expect the same functionality!

    26. Security Concerns • The Basics: • Support Trusted Authentication • Support SSL • Local Encryption • Passcode Locking

    27. Security Concerns • More Advanced: • Support Single Sign-On (SSO) • Support of Third-Party Authentication (RSA, etc.)

    28. Security Concerns • Very Advanced: • Full Mobile Device Management (MDM) • End-to-End Policy Application and Enforcement

    29. Summary • The global mobile landscape is constantly evolving • New devices, form factors and functionality • Both customers and software vendors must adapt • Focus on the best solution for mobile user needs • Be mindful of the complete mobile ecosystem • Convergence of mobile, desktop and cloud

    30. Products in Action Demonstration

    31. Questions? Thank You!