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Staining: Differential Stains

Staining: Differential Stains. Gram stain. Acid-fast stain. Gram positive. Gram negative. Outer membrane. Peptidoglycan. Plasma membrane. Gram negative. Gram positive. Gram Stain. before staining primary stain, mordant decolorizer counterstain. ?. Known Gram +. Known Gram -.

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Staining: Differential Stains

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  1. Staining: Differential Stains Gram stain Acid-fast stain

  2. Gram positive Gram negative Outer membrane Peptidoglycan Plasma membrane

  3. Gram negative Gram positive Gram Stain • before staining • primary stain, mordant • decolorizer • counterstain

  4. ? Known Gram + Known Gram - Unknown When staining an unknown, add controls!

  5. Acid-fast Stain mycobacteria medlib.med.utah.edu/WebPath/ TUTORIAL/MTB/MTB013.html

  6. http://www.chemsoc.org/chembytes/ezine/images/1998/evans_fig2.jpghttp://www.chemsoc.org/chembytes/ezine/images/1998/evans_fig2.jpg www.bio.gasou.edu/Bio-home/ Pung/pungbiol3240urls.html Acid-fast Bacterial Cell Wall

  7. Acid-fast technique acid-fastspecies non acid-fast species 1. carbolfuschin 2. acid-alcohol 3. methylene blue

  8. Gramstainprotocol

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