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D Y I N G T O C R O S S. The W orse Immigrant Tragedy in America History By Grace Millan. In memory of the nineteen immigrants who died in Victoria, Texas. Marco Antonio Villasenor (five years old) Mex Jose Antonio Villasenor , Mexican Serafin Rivera, Mexican

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d y i n g t o c r o s s


The Worse Immigrant Tragedy in America History

By Grace Millan

in memory of the nineteen immigrants who died in victoria texas
In memory of the nineteen immigrants who died in Victoria, Texas

Marco Antonio Villasenor (five years old) Mex

Jose Antonio Villasenor, Mexican

Serafin Rivera, Mexican

Roberto Rivera, Mexican

Hector Ramirez, Mexican

Jose Luis Ramirez, Mexican

Elisendo Cabanas, Mexican

Edgar Gabriel Hernandez, Mexican

Juan Carlos Castillo, Mexican

Ricardo Gonzalez, Mexican

Oscar Gonzalez, Mexican

Catarino Gonzalez, Mexican

Juan Jose Morales, Mexican

Mateo Salgado, Mexican


Rogelio Dominguez, Mexican

Jose Felicito Figueroa, Honduran

Jose Mauricio Torres, Salvadorian

Estanley Augusto Vargas, Dominican

u s a the great dream
U S A The great dream
  • People from different countries had the great dream. They though in a better life to survive. Leaving their family, their friends, their job, their country, etc .
  • Dozens of immigrants contact a “coyote to sneak them to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, (Karla Chavez)they travel from Harlingen, Texas, to Houston.
  • They had been dreaming with the hope to have opportunity to grow and improve a better life for them and their families, most of the time the people who immigrate to U.S. has to be with the economy of our country.
  • The immigrants never imagined the danger that they would pass, when the coyote told them to get into the truck they were surprised when they saw how many people would be traveling inside. One of the immigrants (Jose Antonio) refused to get into the trailer, he though on his little son Marco Antonio who was traveling to. But they have been obliged to board the truck with treats and physical force.
inside the trailer
Inside the trailer
  • As the trailer suddenly began to move the immigrants did not fit comfortably in the truck trailer.
  • The metal floors in this kind of trailer are not smooth, Trailers are not exactly made for transporting cramped human cargo.
  • Everyone start feeling hot and thirsty, they were sweating furiously, the immigrants began to experience the first symptoms of extreme heat exposure: dizziness, nausea, an increasingly rapid heartbeat and an incipient feeling of disorientation, their skin was growing redder and hotter with every passing second.
  • They tried to fan themselves with their shirts waving them around, even they were trying to break part of the door, but it would not come off, they broke a tail light to could make a sigh but nobody see them, it help a little bit to let the air enter, but it was not enough for them they had to take turns to get some air.
  • Everybody wanted to know what was going on with the little boy. Jose Antonio lifted him up over his head so he could breathe a little easier. People tried to help letting him pass where the little hole was, but the heat was too much for him, and Marco Antonio was already taking in his last breaths.
the dead and the survivors
The Dead and The Survivors

The little boy died, all what they had been vividly however was the sadness of Jose Antonio, the little boy’s father.

When the trailer’s door were opened the immigrants jumped to from the trailer on their own way, some of them were dying and other 17 including the little boy and his dad already pass away.

No one of the survivors would forget what they lived through the 4 hours inside the trailer.

the driver tyrone williams and the coyote karla patricia chavez
The driver Tyrone Williams and The coyote Karla Patricia Chavez

Williams was charged with transporting undocumented immigrants and fleeing the scene of a crime.

Karla Patricia Chavez was arrested after she fled the United States, entered Honduras, and then attempted to travel to Guatemala. She is the principal guilty person on the tragedy of the 19 immigrants in Victoria, Texas in May 2003.