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“The US should be a force for good in the world.” PowerPoint Presentation
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“The US should be a force for good in the world.”

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“The US should be a force for good in the world.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The US should be a force for good in the world.”. “America ought to be a kinder, gentler nation.”. George H. W. Bush Best Prepared President. AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Mr. Simoneau & Mr. Reed March 2009. Early Years in the Bush’s Family. Born June 12, 1924 in Milton, Mass.

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“The US should be a force for good in the world.”

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“The US should be a force for good in the world.”

“America ought to be a kinder, gentler nation.”

george h w bush best prepared president

George H. W. BushBest Prepared President


Mr. Simoneau & Mr. Reed

March 2009

early years in the bush s family
Early Years in the Bush’s Family
  • Born June 12, 1924 in Milton, Mass.
  • Lived in Washington, DC. Son of a US Senator, Prescott Bush, R-Connecticut.
  • High School at Phillips Exeter Academy, Milton, MA. Elite private school
  • Family mansion on Walker Point in Kennebunkport, Maine.
decorated pilot
Decorated Pilot
  • Enlisted in US Navy on his 18th birthday
  • Youngest pilot ever to earn his wings.
  • Served on the USS San Jacinto
  • 58 combat missions vs. Japanese
  • Shot down, rescued by a US submarine
  • Received Distinguished Flying Cross Award
marriage family life
Marriage & Family Life
  • Married Barbara, January 1945
  • Started his family while at Yale
  • Had 6 children, George W. is the eldest son.
  • Jeb Bush, former R. Governor of Florida.
1950 s texas oilman tx congressman
1950’s: Texas Oilman & TX Congressman

Midland, Texas

  • Invested in the oil industry
  • Hits a gusher.
  • Self-made millionaire
  • Moves to Houston, & runs for congress
  • 1st Republican ever to be elected from the Houston, TX district
  • Served 2 terms in the House
  • Ran twice, unsuccessfully, for a US Senate seat from Texas.
Bush serves as a US AmbassadorFirst to the United Nations, NYC andlater to China, 1st US Ambassador there

In the 1970’s

Bush also served as

National Chairman of the GOP

(the Grand Old Party)

bush serves as reagan s vp for 8 years
Bush serves asReagan’s VP for 8 years
  • De-regulation
  • Anti-drug campaign
  • Traveled widely around the world representing the US


election of 1988
Election of 1988
  • Bush & Quayle vs. Mike Dukakis (D)
man of the year 1988
Man of the Year. 1988

Two Themes:

  • Continuing the Reagan Era
  • Peace & Prosperity
bush 41 presidency
Bush 41 Presidency
  • He continued to face other communist leaders such as China (TiananmenSquare), Panama (Noriega), Iraq (Saddam Hussein & Desert Storm).
  • Captures Panama dictator Manual Ortega.
  • US Marines bust Drug cartel
  • He also faced downsizing of the military at the end of the Cold War which led to a recession and businesses downsizing.
  • Iraq invades Kuwait….Oil prices explode!
the gulf war 1991 us vs iraq 550 000 us troops 125 000 allies
The Gulf War, 1991. US vs. Iraq550,000 US Troops, 125,000 Allies
  • General Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf leads effort
  • Decided not to attack Baghdad

(goal was to liberate Kuwait)

  • Let Saddam Hussein continue in power – no SecurityCouncil approval to remove him.
the persian gulf war
The Persian Gulf War
  • Iraq invades Kuwait
  • Grand Coalition formed to liberate Kuwait
  • US 425,000
  • World 118,000
  • 3 weeks of bombing
  • 100-hr invasion
  • Iraq Army is destroyed
looking back on the gulf war
Looking back on the Gulf War
  • Heroic return of US troops to DC
  • Troubled US economy
  • “Read my lips, no new taxes.” became problem
  • Growing deficit
  • President Bush signs new tax bill to stimulate economy.
election of 1992
Election of 1992
  • Incumbent President Bush runs for re-election
  • Democrat Bill Clinton / Al Gore
  • RossPerot runs as an Independent
third party candidates
Third Party Candidates
  • Perot became an issue for Bush due to the fact that 3rd party candidates typically cause a split in votes.
  • Normally, a majority is needed to win an election, but due to Perot’s 3rd party candidacy, Clinton is able to win the election without a majority vote.
bush vs clinton 92
Bush vs. Clinton ‘92

Bush’s defeat & graceful exit.

the uss george h w bush
The USS George H. W. Bush

Most modern aircraft carrier in the US Navy

5,000 men

125 jets

Twin nuclear reactors

One of 13 aircraft carriers

On patrol in the Mediterranean