shaka imavah jr community process officer www phinnx com n.
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Many Institutions. One School. Connected! PowerPoint Presentation
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Many Institutions. One School. Connected!

Many Institutions. One School. Connected!

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Many Institutions. One School. Connected!

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  1. ShakaImavah Jr. Community Process Officer. Lifelong Learning Informal Learning Cloud Computing Collaborative Learning Teacher Training Social Networking Virtual Classroom Higher Education Digital Wisdom Many Institutions. One School. Connected! Mobile Learning Open Educational Resources Phinnx

  2. Quick Facts • People.Homes.INstitutions.NetworkX • Founded in 2010, 18th January • Platform has evolved four times before Now • Ease of use • Technical Support • Coverage • Reliability • Server App has ran for over 2160 hours without performance drop, memory leak and/or crash Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  3. Goal • to build software systems that will connect all Nigerian academic institutions, be available to everyone, have 99.9% uptime and be affordable to any institution and/or learner Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  4. What we deliver (First Phase) Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  5. Just Another Quick Fact! • Every form of communication passes through a heavily secure channel. Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  6. Methodology • Framework Architecture : Modularity and Convergence • Accessibility and Ubiquity • Financial Bottleneck? • Extensibility • Storage: who owns/has the data? • Scalability • Development Model Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  7. Methodology: Framework Architecture • Complete Server Deployment • Fully functional in Offline mode • Local/Cloud Data Storage • Optional Inter-school collaboration • School deploys first, then adds nationwide collaboration later Intermittent Communication Line Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  8. Methodology: Accessibility and Ubiquity • We are the most widely available academic socio-academic platform in Africa! Linux MAC OS Oracle Solaris Windows Symbian Java Android BlackBerry Tablets Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  9. Methodology: Financial Bottleneck? • Phinnx One School is Free (financially)! • Bandwidth consumption is extremely minimal • Demand on Server(hardware) is minimal; one server per institution • Remote Tech. Support is Free! • Academic Notification fee in the range of N500/semester (includes up to 200 SMS and unlimited push notifications) Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  10. Methodology: Extensibility • At Phinnx, we understand that the Academia is extremely dependent on data and schools still do custom activities. • So what happens when all your data resides on Phinnx? • With our APIs (release date: TBA) institutions can develop third-party solutions based on their data within our servers (software) Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  11. Methodology: who owns/has the data? • It is evident in our framework architecture (aforementioned) that academic data is stored on each institution’s server(hardware+software) • There are additional backup facilities for academic data to those with access including our automated backup option. • Has your server crashed? We will bring you back online from our backup Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  12. Methodology: Scalability • can the Phinnx one school server(software) support s all Nigerian Higher Education Institutions? • YES! The communication model of the servers enforces LINEAR scalability • With de-duplication, redundant data will never travel through expensive, long-range links Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  13. Methodology: Development Model • continuous software development and maintenance culture without additional cost to any institution • Phinnx Community Process (PCP) • Every stakeholder will be adequately represented in the provisioning of problem statements and bug reports • These stakeholders will vote to rank problem statements by relevance, coverage and urgency among other factors • The Phinnx Team will make best effort in ensuring the above recommendation is respected Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  14. Speed of deployment • The entire Phinnx system can be deployed in any institution in less than two hours. • Every institution can choose between cloud-based and campus-based deployments. Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  15. appreciation • We would like to appreciate the support of the Honourable Minister of Communication Technology. • DG. NITDA • Finally, all participants who demonstrated patience in listening to us Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark

  16. Conclusion • We believe we have presented a home-grown idea/product & shown the commitment/dedication to drive same. • All we require is your faith in Phinnx. • Many Institutions One- School Connected! Oguntade Tope & Olofu Mark