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Secession and War

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Secession and War. 15.4. 1860 Election. One HUGE question Would the Union break up? Issue of slavery was rearing its ugly head again. Candidates. A northern wing of the Democratic party nominated Stephen Douglas What did Douglas believe in? What was his nickname?.

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1860 election
1860 Election
  • One HUGE question
      • Would the Union break up?
    • Issue of slavery was

rearing its ugly head again

  • A northern wing of the Democratic party nominated Stephen Douglas
  • What did Douglas believe in?
  • What was his nickname?
i vow too uphold slavery
I vow too…….Uphold Slavery
  • Southern Democrats nominated John C. Breckinridge
  • Supported Dred Scott decision
  • Youngest Vice President (James Buchanan)
  • Buried in the same cemetery as Henry clay
one of a kind
One of a kind
  • John Bell
  • Constitutional Party
  • No position on slavery
  • Die-hard former Southern Whigs and Know Nothings who felt they could support neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party
abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
  • Republican
  • Leave slavery where it existed but exclude it from territories
  • Southerners feared slave revolts
  • What is a revolt?
introducing our new president
Introducing our new President…..
  • 180 electoral votes out of 303
  • 40% of popular vote
  • Won every Northern state
opponents outcome
Opponents Outcome
  • And the damage is…
    • Douglas 30% of popular vote
      • Won Missouri and 3 of the 7 electoral votes
    • Breckinridge took the South
    • Bell took most border states
    • Basically the North outvoted the South
going going going
Going, going, going,…..
  • December 20, 1860
  • South Carolina voted to secede
  • Leaders in Washington worked frantically to make a last-minute compromise
  • Amendments to the Constitution
    • Protect slavery south of the 36* 30 n. latitude line
    • What compromise does this remind you of?
    • in all territories “now held or hereafter required.”


  • Angry
  • Slavery is unacceptable
  • Lincoln “now we are told”
    • believed the government would be broken up
    • “the government shall be broken unless we surrender to those we have beaten.”
  • Rejected the plan
  • “we spit upon every plan to compromise.”
  • “no human power can save the Union.”
going gone
….Going GONE!
  • Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
  • New Nation
  • New government
  • Confederate States of America
confederate president
Confederate President
  • Democratic Party
  • Married to Zachery Taylor’s daughter
  • Burped a lot
south s reasons for succession
South’s reasons for succession
  • States’ rights
  • States argued that they voluntarily entered the Union
  • Constitution was a contract among independent states
  • National government violated the contract
  • Refusing to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act
  • Denying southern states equal rights in the territories
positive reactions
Positive Reactions
  • Southerners welcomed secession
  • People rang Church bells
  • Fired cannons
  • Celebrated in the streets
  • The South “will never submit”
negative reactions
Negative Reactions
  • Some Southerners were alarmed
  • Robert E. Lee “I see only that a fearful calamity is upon us.”
  • In the North some abolitionists wanted the southern states to leave
what s going to happen
What’s going to happen?
  • Before Lincoln was inaugurated
  • Buchanan sent a message to Congress
    • The states had no right to secede
    • But he had no power to stop them
lincoln s address
Lincoln’s address
  • People from North and South wondered what Lincoln would say at his inauguration
  • Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas
  • Secession would not be permitted
  • Enforce the laws of the United States and hold federal property
  • “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Through passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.”
and so it begins
And so it begins…
  • After the address….
  • Confederate forces seized some forts in the U.S.
  • Lincoln did not take the forts back….. WHY?
  • However, allowing them to keep the forts would be admitting their right to secede.
fort sumter
Fort Sumter
  • Day after inauguration
  • Commander at Fort Sumter sent a message (Charleston Harbor)
  • Supplies are low
  • Confederates are demanding surrender
  • Lincoln sent an unarmed expedition with supplies
  • Confederate president Davis attacked the fort
  • April 12, 1861
  • High seas prevented Union ships from reaching the fort
  • Lasted 33 hours
  • Surrendered April 14
  • Thousands of shots were fired
  • No one died
  • Confederate flag was raised