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Avaya Aura

Avaya Aura. Contact Center. Platform for Communications. Could Computing. Conferencing & Collaboration. Infrastructure & Security. CEBP. End User Customer. Connectivity & New Services. Mobility & Messaging. Innovative Communications. Social Networking. Application.

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Avaya Aura

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  1. Avaya Aura Contact Center Platform for Communications Could Computing Conferencing & Collaboration Infrastructure & Security CEBP End User Customer Connectivity & New Services Mobility & Messaging Innovative Communications Social Networking

  2. Application Connection Mgmt Evolution of a Communications Architecture Past Future Present App App Application Application IP SIP Connection Mgmt Connection Mgmt IP H.323 Access IP SIP Access Access Legacy TDM IP Telephony Enterprise IMS

  3. Avaya Aura Architecture – Strategic View System Manager PS APP App Platform SM SM o o o G860 o o o Survivable Branch VP APP APP MM Application Layer MX CM ACE PSTN Connection Layer SIP Trunks TDM Trunks ACME/Avaya SBC Access Layer Avaya SIP Endpoints Avaya CM / CS1K 3rd Party SIP Endpoints 3rd Party PBXs

  4. Cross Platform Support • Customer Choice • BYOD • Touch-2-Communicate • Consistent User Experience


  6. What is Avaya ACE? Business & Social Media Productivity Suites Software CEBP platform for simple integration of real-time communications with applications and workflows Communications 6

  7. Avaya ACE™ Packaged Applications Mobile Cost Optimizer Microsoft & IBM Integration Browser & Office Add-in’s Hot Desking Savings of $230/user/yr on real estate Savings of $540/user/yr on call charges Savings of $300/user/yr on travel and conferencing Mobile Business / Verticals Message Drop and Blast Sales Portal Corporate Portal Increase revenue $190/user/yr Save 1 hr/day in client updates. $13K/user/yr Industry and Business Specific Savings of 5 min/user/day Figures derived from ACE ROI tools, 3rd party research and customer feedback

  8. Driving Innovation with Avaya ACE™ Avaya ACE™ IBM® WebSphere® Lombardi Edition Drag-n-drop communication into workflows Novell GroupWise Integrate voice, video and conferencing with the desktop Jive Software Embed communications into social networking Hospital Code Cart Communication-enable compliance checks Map Touch Screen Drag-n-drop responders into emergency conference Corporate Portal Click-to-call from corporate or sales portal with no soft client needed Carefx® Healthcare Portal Communication-enable Fusionfx® patient information portal 8

  9. Avaya ACE™ Experience Click-to-call from Communicator client to control Avaya phones Telephony presence Communicator client as soft phone for Avaya Aura® Single client experience, sign-on Click-to-call extended to Office & IE OCS 2007 R2 today, Lync in 3Q11 Only Standard CAL required On-premise or BPOS (Office 365 in 3Q11) See it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1kxOl8Qv1s Avaya Aura® values (scalable, reliable, centralized, mid-call features ...) unified with Microsoft® desktop experience

  10. ACE Your AppsCompelling Commercial Offer • Avaya CS 1000 • Converged Office * • R5.5 to R7.0 • R7.5 supported in Q3 2011 • Avaya Aura® CM 5.2+ • Enterprise Edition OR • Standard Edition with UC All-Inclusive licenses Pre-requisite OR Avaya ACE™ User Licenses (up to $140/user value) Entitlement FREE Microsoft® OCS/Lync or IBM® Lotus®Sametime® Integration C2Call from Office & Web Pages • Avaya ACE server software & hardware, APS and GSS charged separately at standard pricing • PASS+ pricing for Microsoft/IBM user bundle reduced to $12/user as of 06/11 • GSS PASS+ for Avaya ACE software support & upgrades is mandatory Conditions * If no Converged Office get Entitlement plus Avaya ACE Hot Desking plus CS 1000 CTI licenses for $60/user MSRP

  11. Avaya’s Differentiation Loyalty, not lock-in Avaya Competition Innovators in Real-Time Collaboration Fit-for-Purpose Open Architectures People Centric Communications Competitively Oriented Technology Bridging Built for Email / Data Communication One Size Fits All Proprietary, closed Technology-Centric Architecture Monopoly Oriented Planned Obsolescence Grow Extend Protect

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