healthcare special interest gp sig greater atl section 1502 n.
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Healthcare Special Interest Gp (SIG) Greater ATL Section 1502 PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthcare Special Interest Gp (SIG) Greater ATL Section 1502

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Healthcare Special Interest Gp (SIG) Greater ATL Section 1502 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthcare Special Interest Gp (SIG) Greater ATL Section 1502
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  1. Healthcare Special Interest Gp (SIG)Greater ATL Section 1502

  2. Mission & Values Statements • Mission “The Healthcare Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Greater Atlanta Section 1502 is dedicated first and foremost to the professional development of all Section’s healthcare members so that they can improve the healthcare quality in the service and provider sectors”.  • Values “The Healthcare Special Interest Group (SIG) is committed to provide knowledge base in healthcare-related quality issues so that we could all make contributions in our healthcare service and provider sectors. We will strive to reach our goals by meeting the needs and expectations of our Section’s members with activities in continuous improvements in healthcare quality, knowledge base, value added activities, research and knowledge exchange. It is our intent to develop quality partnership with our fellow ASQ members, healthcare organizations in the Atlanta metro area and the community we serve. We wish to continually set standards of excellence, both personally and professionally that exemplify our dedication to our goals and to the fulfillment of this vision statement”

  3. 2011 HC SIG Business Plan • Mission & Values • CTG GOALS FOR 2010-2011: Organic Organization of the new formed SIG • CTG OBJECTIVES FOR 2010-2011(MAX OF 3 PER EACH GOAL): GOAL #1: Recruitment GOAL #2: Elect Officers GOAL #3: Meet as a fully functional SIG and deliver VOC requests

  4. SIG VOC Survey “What kind of support you think the ASQ Healthcare Division can provide to us?” • Provide guidance to align our SIG Mission and Vision with ASQ HCD Mission and Vision • Assist with contacting keynote speakers from beyond the Atlanta area for seminars • Coordination of our group with the other groups within the Healthcare Division • Understanding the Healthcare Division’s expectations for our group • Sharing successful strategies used by other groups within the Healthcare Division • Provide financial support to SIG, if available, for local or national HCD initiatives • Involve Section SIG in HCD Initiatives • Invite SIG Leadership to HCD meetings, seminars and conference calls

  5. SIG VOC Survey What you would like us to do as a Healthcare Group within our Greater ATL ASQ Section? • Sponsor a seminar about FDA and Quality for our members • Provide review of changes to key HCFA, FDA, JCCAHO or other industry specific regulations that members may be interested in • Learn about the impact of the new Healthcare Law on quality • Provide training on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and audit geared for healthcare • Provide two Healthcare oriented speakers to the Atlanta Section  for their monthly meetings • QA/QC Mini-lessons learned for our members just prior to that monthly Atlanta Section-there are probably tools or experiences our members have had success with within their industry where we could learn from each other • Promote careers in health care quality to students locally • Keep people informed of potential career opportunities in Healthcare QA • Award an annual scholarship/award to a student or a group member who has a positive impact on quality in healthcare or who seeks a career in QA/QC Healthcare • Learn more about what is going on locally related to Quality initiatives in healthcare, their challenges and their resolutions