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Geophysics Special Interest Group (SIG) Paul Maton, Sillimanite Consultants & Energistics

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Geophysics Special Interest Group (SIG) Paul Maton, Sillimanite Consultants & Energistics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geophysics Special Interest Group (SIG) Paul Maton, Sillimanite Consultants & Energistics. Western Europe Region & SIG Meeting Stavanger, Norway 17 June, 2008. Presentation Outline. Background to Geophysics SIG Business Case Some Visions Current Approach and Plan Conclusions. Customer.

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geophysics special interest group sig paul maton sillimanite consultants energistics

Geophysics Special Interest Group (SIG)Paul Maton, Sillimanite Consultants & Energistics

Western Europe Region & SIG Meeting

Stavanger, Norway

17 June, 2008

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Background to Geophysics SIG
  • Business Case
  • Some Visions
  • Current Approach and Plan
  • Conclusions
geophysical standards background



Geophysical Standards: Background
  • All branches of Geophysics involve iterative processes,
    • - requiring communication within and between them

Planning &Design



Interpretation& Modelling


Standards for Content and Formatare needed for effective communications

geophysical digital data standards timeline
Geophysical Digital Data Standards & Timeline


Outputs from


1990 - 1999


1960 - 1969

1970 - 1979

1980 - 1989

Note: SEG has published over 50 standards. Only the more used data standards areshown here. See for the full list.





SEG-Y r1


SEG-SPS r2.1

SEG-D r3

SEG-D r2

SEG-D r2.1



SEG-D r1



EPSG Geodetic Parameter Set


Location Data




SEG-P1,2,3 (1983)

indian background to geophysics sig
Indian Background to Geophysics SIG
  • 1998 – 2004
    • ONGC’s EPINET Data Management Project
    • Lessons learned getting ~50 years of E&P data under management
    • It is not just about getting data into databases
      • Data are worth little without supporting data, integrity, and quality assurance
  • 2005 ONGC presented
    • case for standards across Geophysical API activities cycle
      • The lack of standards and best practices can impede the use of geophysical techniques, thereby reducing the value of those techniques to the organisation.
    • Vision of multi-regional, global E&P standards body
  • Reiterated in 2006, and refined in 2007
objectives of the geophysics sig
Objectives of the Geophysics SIG
  • As a representative of the community of creators and users of geophysical data and information
    • To identify needs and requirements for open standards and improved work practices
    • To collaboratively deliver, promote and deploy the standards and work practices across the life cycle of geophysical information
drivers for geophysical standards
Drivers for Geophysical Standards
  • Increasing number of uses of Geophysics
    • More Exploration in mature and immature regions
    • Applications in Field Development
    • Applications in Smart Fields
  • Optimising use of current techniques
  • Enabling use of new techniques and technologies, in both seismic and information domains
  • Increasing Data Volumes to be managed
  • Various proprietary ‘solutions’ already proliferating

All of which aim to get the job done faster, better, with reduced cost, risk and uncertainty.

initial situation
Initial Situation
  • A list of >60 Opportunities (areas for Improvement) from ONGC and other Indian E&P Players
    • These are from across the ‘API’ (Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation) life cycle of geophysical data
    • They probably satisfy the 80:20 rule: 80% of the higher value opportunities are already identified
    • Companies joining in the future must be able to supplement the opportunity list if they add value
    • Some of these opportunities are being used to:
      • Evolve and test our assessment process
      • Promote and sell participation globally, beyond India
  • It is possible to envisage a spectrum of targets
    • From vocabularies for (SEG-format) Header or Trailers,
    • To loose coupled work-flow integration, possibly web-based
  • Our guiding lights must include
    • Providing real Business Value to users and customers of Geophysics
    • Establishing and adhering to relevant criteria on which to base our selections
    • Providing specifications that can evolve to accommodate interoperability and technological change over at least one decade
    • Plan to produce, pilot and test a few initial proposals
assessment criteria
Impact indicators

Number of API processesaffected

Inaccuracy, uncertainty, risk,

Loss of time

Scale: hours, days, weeks

Value range: 1 – 8 or 10

Loss of data and/or metadata

Quantity of impaired data

Tasks needing Effort

Specifying standard or improved work practice

Implementing standard etc

Deploying and promoting standard etc

Assessment Criteria







additional approaches
Additional Approaches
  • Collaboration with other Geophysical Standards Setting Organisations:
    • We will maintain awareness of and leverage existing and concurrent efforts by SEG, OGP, CSEG, OGC and others
  • Focus on data transfer by XML messages loosely coupled via interfaces with existing applications
    • We are aware of the perceived threat to existing software assets
    • This approach is proving successful in near-real-time drilling (WITSML) and production optimisation (PRODML)
      • Oilfield applications from Weatherford, Schlumberger, Kongsberg etc. are interoperating with Process Control apps from Invensys, OSISoft, AspenTech etc.
  • Data exchange standards
    • Usages conformant with SEG specifications
    • Vocabularies of equipment items and configurations, version control, process history, etc left for User specification in SEG-D Revision 3
    • Data types not covered by SEG; e.g. Velocity
  • Work practice specifications
    • Documented descriptions of improved work practices, in natural language and possibly an IT (UML or other?) model form
      • At high and medium level, enabling adaptation as appropriate
      • E.g. accommodate different practices for shooting new data c.f. acquiring spec data, or via trades or mergers
geophysics sig 2008 2009 outline plan





Geophysics SIG: 2008 – 2009 Outline Plan











Indian Membership

Assess Opportunities

Seismic Headers Team

Velocity Exchange Team

Produce Proposal

International Membership

Review, revise plan

Execute revised plan

road map for 2009 and beyond
Road Map for 2009 and beyond
  • Continue approaches and activities as determined by business needs and support
    • Review opportunity list and plan periodically
    • Select 2 or 3 Opportunities for development, piloting and deployment each year
  • The assessment indicates that significant opportunities exist in many organisations to reduce cycle-time to making business decisions based on geophysical information
  • Active SIG membership is now being promoted to international E&P and Service companies
  • We have a good list of opportunities for improvements, many leveraging SEG standards
  • Requirements for Velocity data and ONGC usage of SEG-Y headers are to be completed in June 2008
  • SEG is being kept aware of these activities
further information @ energistics web site
Further Information @ Energistics web site
  • Geophysics SIG pages
    • > Communities > Geophysics SIG
      • Public pages open to all
      • Private pages open to Geophysics SIG members and Energistics sustaining members
  • Events pages
    • > Events
      • 2007 Events:
        • Geophysics SIG Assessment Workgroup meetings in Mumbai, 28 and 29 November
      • 2008 Events:
        • Energistics S. Asia Regional meeting, SPG conference, and Geophysics SIG meetings, all in Hyderabad, 13 -16 January
thank you questions please

Thank YouQuestions, please?


Paul Maton, Principal Consultant, Energistics

+44 1932 828794