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What is Graphic Design? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Graphic Design?

What is Graphic Design?

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What is Graphic Design?

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  1. What is Graphic Design? Is it a webpage design? Is it a product design? Is it a logo? Is it a poster for an event? Is it a magazine cover? In reality, graphic design is all these things and more.

  2. Here is a definition to help you understand the parameters of graphic design. Graphic design is visual communication, using type and or illustration, that is meant to be reproduced and advertise.

  3. Using our definition, is this a graphic design? Quality Travel for your next vacation What message does it communicate? Is the type necessary to communicate the idea? Does the added text create a clearer message?

  4. Is this graphic design? What is the message? Does the addition of text make this a better poster? READ

  5. What’s the difference between Graphic Art and Fine Art? • Fine art is usually one of a kind.Graphic design is reproduced. • Fine art is viewed in museums, art galleries and homes.Graphic design is viewed through media venues. • Fine art communicates a personal message.Graphic design advertises products, events and ideas.

  6. Here are some examples of fine art.

  7. Here are some examples of graphic design.

  8. Graphic designs seem to be everywhere. They bombard us every hour of the day. Have you every asked yourself why? Here are three reasons why graphic designs are so universal: The language is universal The delivery is quick They demand attention We are bombarded with graphic designs because they fit our fast paced society. People today, all want their information to be understandable, delivered quickly and presented in an interesting manner.

  9. The language is universal Fue una madre con su hijo. Se estaban divirtiendo un dia en la playa. In a world that’s growing smaller and smaller people are finding more and more need to use a visual language.

  10. The delivery is quick The old saying is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

  11. They demands attention When there is too much information to sort through, it’s the message with the greatest visual impact that is ultimately seen.

  12. Because people have: Why is graphic design important. • products to sell. • ideas to share. • events to promote. And people are eager consumers.