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What is Microsoft PowerPoint? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

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What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
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What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

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  1. What is Microsoft PowerPoint? In today's world we are continually facing the problem of information overload . It is important to be able to present information in a quick , concise and effective manner. Research has show that information present through the use of graphics is remembered better than written explanations. Therefore, PowerPoint uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows that accompany the oral delivery of the topic. This program is widely used in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes.

  2. How Do I Use PowerPoint? PowerPoint is one of the simplest computer programs to learn. It is the number 1 program used worldwide for presentations. Anyone can create stunning presentations that look like they were designed by a professional. It enables you to present information easily and quickly via a variety of methods –on-screen slide show with picture, beautiful background , different colour. And its so easy to add illustrative chart of data or an organizational chart of company structure. It is less time consuming with effective result.

  3. PowerPoint Slide Layouts When you first open PowerPoint, your screen should resemble the diagram above. Areas of the Screen Section 1. Each page of the working area of the presentation is called a slide. New presentations open with a Title slide in Normal view ready for editing. Section 2. This area toggles between Slides view and Outline view. Slides view shows a tiny picture of all the slides in your presentation. Outline view shows the hierarchy of the text in your slides. Section 3. The area to the right is the Task pane . Its contents vary depending on the current task. Initially, PowerPoint recognizes that you are just starting this presentation and lists appropriate options for you. To give yourself more room to work on your slide close this pane by clicking on the small X in the upper right corner.

  4. Different Ways to View PowerPoint Slides Slides in any PowerPoint presentation can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on the task at hand. Outline View shows all the text of all slides in a list on the left of the PowerPoint screen. No graphics are shown in Outline view. Slide View as it is more commonly known is the most often used view while creating a PowerPoint presentation.

  5. Add or Change Colored Backgrounds in PowerPoint To add or change colored backgrounds Click - Right click on the blank area of a slide It will appears like above then click to background menu. A background list layout appears on screen with different design and colour Click- The suitable background for your project.

  6. Change Font Style, Size or Color Click-From Home menu click to the font dialog box. It will appear the font toolbar Click- to font style , it will give you thousands of different style of font .So ,choose the font style that you like or according to your project. Try to avoid fancy fonts such as script styles. Stick to standard fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Click- To size from font menu, You can see the different size. But the standard size uses for PowerPoint presentation is -44 point text for titles and 32 point text for subtitles and bullets -should be the minimum sizes you use. If the room you are presenting in is very large you might need to increase the font size. Click- To the colour menu from the toolbar . You can see the millions of colour . So try to choose the colour that suit your font and background.

  7. Add, Delete and Rearrange Slides in PowerPoint Click – To the New Slide button on the toolbar to add a new slide to your presentation. Alternatively, you may choose Insert > New Slide from the menu. Click-Go to the slide view click , to the slide that you want to delete. Right click on the slide then click to the delete it will delete your slide. Click- to the slide that you want to change from slide view , After that you can change or rearrange the files. But we have to make sure that we have save the slide after rearranged.

  8. Add Slide Transitions in PowerPoint What are Slide Transitions Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. PowerPoint has many different slide transition options to choose from to enhance your slide show

  9. Animation Schemes in PowerPoint 2003 Animation schemes applied to a PowerPoint slide show give a unified look to the whole presentation. By choosing an animation scheme, rather than individual animations applied to each slide, you can spend more time on content and presentation and let PowerPoint take care of the animations. Select the slide's you want to apply the animation scheme to in the Outline / Slides task pane at the left of the screen

  10. Incorporate text into multimedia presentations Name: Jenny Napit Student no: ITM0190 Thank you.