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Consultant Presentation 2012 Nashville Meeting. Product Scan. Part II. Product Scan.

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Product scan
Product Scan

Several categories in the total food exporting from U.S. to China enjoy a stable performance in terms of value, showing its wide recognition in China. These categories are considered to be easier to gain market access. U.S. companies, especially new exporters could start with these items.

Meat & Fish

Tree Nut

Fruit & Vegetable

Product of Strength in Exporting

Product scan1
Product Scan

Certain categories have witnessed robust growth in exporting to China/HK during the past year. It manifests the popularity of the items among Chinese consumers and buyers. These products are considered to have great potential for expansion in the upcoming years.

Wine & Beer


Dairy Products

Product of Potential in Exporting

Product scan2
Product Scan

Value-added Items

Confectioneries, cookies, chips, dried fruits, tree nuts, cereals, beverages etc.

Easy in market access with fewer restrictions

Fierce competitions from existing suppliers and targeted by most new entrants

Popular Items in China

Product scan3
Product Scan

Food Ingredients

Meat, seafood, dairy, seasonings, bakery ingredients etc.

Immature market, but growing demand with the advancement of the foodservice and bakery channels

Fewer competitions, but relatively lower awareness

Popular Items in China

Product scan4
Product Scan




  • Accelerate building of cold chain system

  • Over 20,000 cold storage with capacity of 8.8 million MT

  • 20,000 tracks ad 1,910 trains for shipping of chilled or frozen items

  • More logistics centers are set up nationwide

  • To be 3rd largest retail market of USD 2 trillion by 2025.

  • Most of global retail groups have entered China.

  • Emerging high-end gourmet stores with over 50% imported food.

  • Over 18 years’ double digit growth rate generated sales of USD 327 billion in 2011

  • More dinning out and international events

  • Over 30,000 western style restaurants & 39% growth in bakery sector

Distribution Channel

Product scan5

Food Service




Food Service


Product Scan

  • Additional Charge for Products

  • Shelf listing Fee

  • Bar Code Fee

  • Other Costs

Absence of Import Rights

Hotels & restaurants usually could not import directly from overseas

  • Diversified Format

  • Supermarket/Hypermarket

  • Convenience Store

  • High-end Gourmet Store

  • Internet/TV Retailing

  • Rely on Qualified Suppliers

  • Source from importers or distributors

  • Need timely delivery, sometimes of daily basis

Distribution Channel