moscow state technical university n e bauman n.
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Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman” PowerPoint Presentation
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Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman”

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Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman”
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  1. Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman” Dr. Alexey S. Kurkin Workshop « R&D on Materials in Russia and CIS » Paris, June 10 -11, 2002

  2. MSTU «N.E.Bauman» was founded in 1830 Machine-building technology Business and management Humanity Sciences Energetic Radio-electronics Air Force Academy Moscow Physical Engineering Institute Moscow Architect Institute Moscow Chemical Technology Institute Moscow Communication Institute Moscow Energy Institute Moscow Aviation Institute Moscow Building Institute Information systems Fundamental Sciences Rocket building Robots and automation Welding & Testing Moscow State Technical University “N.E.Bauman” Imperial Moscow Technical School

  3. Current Activities of «Welding & Testing» Research-Educational Complex RESEARCH DEVELOPMENTS CERTIFICATION INDUSTRY Objects’ non-destructive testing and diagnostics for Russian State Technical Inspection: - pressure vessels - oil-gas pipelines - chemical equipment - crane equipment - energetic equipment - aircraft Methods and devices for non-destructive testing and diagnostics Personnel for welding and non-destructive testing (European certificate) Software for welding technology development and residual resource evaluation Non-destructive testing laboratories and industrial security in the system of Russian State Technical Inspection Automated control systems for welding processes with instrument tracking and joint’s formation control

  4. NEW TESTING DEVICES Ultrasonic Flow Detector Tomograph SK-1 (UD4) ·2D and 3D flaw image reconstruction ·Flaw shape ellipsoid interpolation ·Acoustic contact monitoring ·Ultrasonic 3D position sensor Spectral Acoustic System ASTRON for Mechanical Stress Estimation ·1 Axis and 2 Axis stress estimation ·Zero less tensiometry ·Stress monitoring ·Backside surface profile ·Material grain size measuring Acoustic Emission(AE)SystemSKE ·AE testing and diagnostic ·Up to 128 channels ·AE source 3D location ·Automatic estimation AE sources danger degrees ·AE sources type identification

  5. Programcomplex “RESOURCE” Choice of welding materials and technology Modelling of heat processes, structural transformations, stresses and strains during the welding Modelling of welded construction strain-stress state during its service Modelling of welded construction fracture processes jmax= 1.55 wmax= 100% εi.max=22%

  6. Automatic control systems for welding quality. Monitor’s screen of system for evaluation of quality of arc welding. Neural network model for welding quality prediction. Automated equipment for laser welding. Welding parameters and prediction quality of welding joint.

  7. Application of «Welding & Testing» Technologies Branches of Industry - Power Engineering (Including Nuclear) - Machine-Building and Metallurgy - Airspace Industry - Chemistry and Oil-Chemistry - Principle pipelines - Transport

  8. «Welding & Testing» foreign partnerships STATE ORGANIZATION Ukraine E.O.Paton Electro-Welding Institute Byelorussia Byelorussia State University Institute of Applied Physics Georgia Kutaisy Technical University Germany Fraunhofer-Institute IZFP France/Germany Framatome ANP GmbH Finland Moody International VTT Manufacturing Technology USA Physical Acoustic Corporation

  9. Proposals for co-operation - Establishment of subsidiary in the CIS states - Executing joint scientific projects - Joint marketing of scientific and technical products

  10. Contacts Aleshin Nikolai P. Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman 5, 2nd Baumanskaya, Moscow, 107005, Russia Ph./Fax: (7-501) 261-42-57