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Video Streaming

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Video Streaming. © Nanda Ganesan, Ph.D. Video Streaming . Video Streaming Objective Streaming Advantages Video Streaming Architecture Compression and Decompression-codec MPEG 1-4 Introduction Major Products and Features Comparison . Video Streaming Objective.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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video streaming

Video Streaming

© Nanda Ganesan, Ph.D.

video streaming2
Video Streaming
  • Video Streaming Objective
  • Streaming Advantages
  • Video Streaming Architecture
  • Compression and Decompression-codec
  • MPEG 1-4 Introduction
  • Major Products and Features Comparison
video streaming objective
Video Streaming Objective
  • The object is to overcome the negative effects of physical distance and network technology limitation.
streaming advantages
Streaming Advantages
  • Reduce setup time
  • Reduction in client storage requirement
  • Video can be viewed in real time
  • Transmission signals over low bandwidth facilities
video streaming architecture
Video Streaming Architecture
  • Content Creation/Capture
  • Content Management
  • Content Formatting (Compression)
  • Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Presentation (Viewing)
  • View Control
video capture
Video Capture
  • Converting analog to video signals
    • A special video capture card to convert the analog signals to digital form and compresses the data.
    • Also digital video devices that can capture images and transfer to a computer
content management
Content Management
  • Critical in video server
  • The purpose including create, collect, catalog, organize, store, and access to massive multimedia information database
video input formats








Video for Windows


Video Input Formats
video formats avi asf
Video FormatsAVI & ASF
  • Developed by Microsoft
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)

- limited to 320x240 resolution

- 30 frames per second

  • ASF (Advanced Streaming Format)

- Has been submitted to ISO for standardization

- Expected to replace AVI format

standard window size
Standard Window Size
  • 320X240
  • 640X480
frame rates
Frame Rates
  • 4-6 fps
    • Absolute minimum for video conferencing
  • 11-14 fps
    • The norm for video conferencing
  • 30 fps
    • Full motion video
codec compressor decompressor
  • Coding techniques to compress video data
  • The newest codec change their sampling rate as they run
  • Choice of codec is the biggest factor to determine the bandwidth needed to connect the server and receive content
  • Many of the codecs follow international standards
content compression
Content Compression
  • MPEG (A working group of ISO)

- The most common standard for video

compression and file formats

- Generally produce better quality video than other


- High compression rate


mpeg 1
  • MPEG-1 was designed for coding progressive video at a transmission rate of about 1.5 million bits per second.
  • It was designed specifically for Video-CD and CD-i media.
  • MPEG-1 audio layer-3 (MP3) has also evolved from early MPEG work.
mpeg 2
  • MPEG-2 was designed for coding interlaced images at transmission rates above 4 million bits per second.
  • MPEG-2 is used for digital TV broadcast and


  • An MPEG-2 player can handle MPEG-1 data as well.
mpeg 3
  • A proposed MPEG-3 standard, intended for High Definition TV (HDTV), was merged with the MPEG-2 standard when it became apparent that the MPEG-2 standard met the HDTV requirements.
mpeg 4
  • An MPEG-4 standard is in the final stages of development and release.
  • It is a much more ambitious standard and addresses speech and video synthesis, fractal geometry, computer visualization, and an artificial intelligence (AI) approach to reconstructing images.
video streaming standards
Video Streaming Standards
  • H.261
  • H.263
  • MPEG1
  • MPEG2
  • MPEG4
h 261
  • H.261 is use for teleconferencing applications and is intended for carrying video over ISDN.
  • H.261 needs substantially less CPU power for real-time encoding than MPEG.
  • H.261 uses constant-bit-rate encoding.
h 263
  • H.263 is design for low bitrate communication.
  • H.263 expected to be use for wide range of bitrate and expected to replace H.261.
  • H.263 supports 5 resolutions, able to compete with MPEG standards.
tcp transmission control protocol
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  • Protocol used for reliable document transfer
  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) uses TCP as the protocol for reliable document transfer.
  • Unsuitable for video and audio because:
    • Imposes flow control
    • Unnecessary Message delivery
udp user datagram protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
  • UDP is the alternative to TCP.
  • UDP forsakes TCP's error correction and allows packets to drop out if they're late or damaged.
  • Access Problems (firewalls).
major products
Major Products
  • Microsoft Windows Media Technologies

  • RealSystem G2

comparison wmt vs realsystem g2
ComparisonWMT –vs- RealSystem G2
  • Head to head comparison

Feature Comparison

  • More Information
comparison wmt vs realsystem g226
ComparisonWMT –vs- RealSystem G2
  • Cost Analysis

- Prepared by Approach, Inc.,

  • Key findings

- Both streaming products results in positive

returns on investment

- Microsoft solution is more economical than the

RealNetwork solution

  • Download in Word format
audio streaming architecture
Audio Streaming Architecture
  • Creating Audio File
  • Demonstration of Streaming Software
  • Demo of Streaming Process
    • Windows Media Encoder
    • RealProducer 7 Basic
  • Play the Audio File