The coming of civil war
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The Coming of Civil War. Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln spark the secession of the Southern states?. Are they just being over-dramatic?.

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The coming of civil war

The Coming of Civil War

Why did the election of Abraham Lincoln spark the secession of the Southern states?

Are they just being over dramatic
Are they just being over-dramatic?

  • “They have robbed us of our property, they have murdered our citizens, they have set at naught the decrees of the Supreme Court…they have declared their determination to exclude us altogether from the territories, and they have capped this mighty pyramid of insults by electing Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency, on a platform and by a system which indicates nothing but the [suppression] of the South and the complete ruin of her social, political, and industrial institutions.”

A divided nation election of 1860


A Divided Nation: Election of 1860



Southern Democrat

Northern Democrat

Constitutional Union

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • John Breckenridge

  • Stephen Douglas

  • John Bell

The coming of civil war

Political Parties of 1860Republican: Lincoln (Blue)N. Democrat: Douglas (Red)S. Democrat: Breckinridge (Green)Constitutional Union: Bell (Yellow)


  • After Lincoln won the election, South Carolina responded by leaving the union

  • Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas followed -- then Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina

  • They formed the Confederate States of America led by President Jefferson Davis

Why such drastic measures
Why such drastic measures??

  • Read “South Carolina’s Declaration of Secession” an answer the following questions on the back:

  • What amendment are they talking about in the fourth paragraph? Based on this, do you think they believe in strong states or strong central government?

  • What “constitutional obligations” does this say the 14 states of the North are not fulfilling?

  • How valid is the argument that Abraham Lincoln’s “opinions and purposes are hostile to slavery?”

Response of seceding states
Response of Seceding States

  • Responded by taking over all federal property in the South

  • Confederates tried to starve out Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC

  • Federal troops had continued to occupy fort

What should Lincoln do?

Attack on fort sumter
Attack on Fort Sumter

  • Lincoln decided to send food but no soldiers or arms

  • Jefferson Davis ordered an attack of the fort before supplies could get there

  • Confederacy bombarded the fort on April 12, 1861

  • 34 hours later, the federal troops surrendered

The coming of civil war

Compromise of 1850

Free-Soil Party

Wilmot Proviso

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

How did each event help divide the U.S.?

Kansas-Nebraska Act

Election of Lincoln

John Brown’s Raid

Lincoln-Douglas Debates