Oil spills affect marine life
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Oil Spills Affect Marine Life! ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oil Spills Affect Marine Life! . By: Nayef Obaidan  . Very BAD! :@ . How do oil spills affect the water?.

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Oil spills affect marine life

Oil Spills Affect Marine Life!

By: NayefObaidan

Very BAD! :@

How do oil spills affect the water
How do oil spills affect the water?

  • Oil spills affect water in a number of ways. When oil is into water, it does not mix with the water. Oil floats on the surface of salt and fresh water. In a very short time, the oil spreads out into a very thin layer across the surface of the water.

What are oil spills
What are oil spills?

  • Oil spills happen when oil tankers are in the sea and the oil tanker sinks or crashes so the oil goes out of the oil tanker and then it floats on the sea!

  • When countries are at war sometimes they may spill oil in the sea on purpose.

  • Sometimes terrorists cause oil spills in countries oceans because they want to get the countries attention or they are trying to make a point to the country!! 

Oil spill in the great barrier reef
Oil Spill In The Great Barrier Reef!

  • On Monday 5th April 2010 there was an OIL SPILL! At the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It was from a coal-carrying boat. About 2 tons have spilled in the sea from the 1,000 tons!

  • The oil created a 100 yard slick that stretches 2 miles.

  • This oil spill is BAD because many of the fish in The Great Barrier Reef will die and many corals under water!


How do we clean up oil spills
How do we clean up Oil Spills?

  • 3 ways to clean up Oil Spills:

  • Suck up the oil spills by using Oil Booms.

  • Absorb the oil with absorbent pillows.

  • Burn it with wicking ceramic balls.

How to prevent oil spills
How to prevent Oil Spills!

  • By making sure that sea vehicles don’t spill oil in the sea and the people that are on the ship or boat have to know that if they spill oil in the sea they’ll pollute the sea!

  • They should know that they could kill there selves by spilling oil in the sea!


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Oil spills affect marine life


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