Revise of noun clause
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Revise of Noun Clause 名词性从句. 在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词性从句 . 分为 : 主语从句 (subject clause) 宾语从句 (object clause) 表语从句 ( predicative clause) 同位语从句 (appositive clause). 引导名词性从句的连词和连接代词. 无,只作从句标志 √ √ ( 可省 ) √ √ 无,表疑问意义 √ √ √ √ 无,表疑问意义 √ 无,仿佛,好像 √ 主语 \ 宾语,代物 √ √ √ √

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Revise of noun clause

Revise of Noun Clause名词性从句

在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词性从句. 分为:

主语从句(subject clause)

宾语从句(object clause)

表语从句 (predicative clause)

同位语从句(appositive clause)

Revise of noun clause

无,只作从句标志√ √(可省) √ √

无,表疑问意义√ √ √ √

无,表疑问意义 √


主语\宾语,代物√ √ √ √

主语\宾语,代人√ √ √ √

主语\宾语,后常有名词√ √ √ √

连接副词:when, where, how, why 等

Revise of noun clause

  • what 能引导名词性从句,并作宾语\主语


  • that 在名词性从句中没有成份,只作标志

    eg: I knew that I was wrong.

    在定语从句中 作宾语\主语

    eg: I get the very news that is important to me.

  • which 在名词性从句中加上名词做主语\宾语

    eg: I don’t know which answer is right.


    eg: I see a film which was popular in the past.

Pay attention
名词性从句的基本要求:Pay attention

  • 时态 :(与间接引语基本一致)


    宾:I know he lives here.

    He asked whether his father would come back.

    The teacher said that the earth travels around the sun.

    表:That is what I was worried about two days ago.

    It looked as if it was going to rain.

  • 语序:要用陈述语序

Revise of noun clause

1. Mary wrote an article on___ the team had failed to win the game.

A. why B. what

C. who D. which

2. Can you make sure___ the gold ring?

A. where Alice had put

B. where had Alice put

C. where Alice has put

D. where has Alice put

Revise of noun clause

3.I doubt ______ he will come. the game.

A. what B. whether C. that D. /

4. I don’t doubt __________ it is true.

A. if B. whether C. / D. that

Revise of noun clause
宾语从句 the game.

1 当宾语从句是一般疑问句时,由连词whether或if引导(口语中常用if), if/whether翻译成是否,

I wonder if (whether) the news is true or not.


A)在介词之后。(介词往往可以省略) 如:

It all depends on whether they will support us.

B) 后面直接跟动词不定式时。如:

He doesn’t know whether to stay or not.

C) 后面紧接or not 时。如:

We didn’t know whether or not she was ready.

Revise of noun clause

其他从句只用 the game.whether的情况:


The question is whether the film is worth seeing.

The news whether our team has won the match is unknown.

B) 在主语从句中,只有用it 作形式主语时, whether和 if 都能引导主语从句, 否则, 也只能用whether如:

Whether we shall attend the meeting hasn’t been decided yet.

It hasn’t been decided whether (if) we shall attend the meeting.

Revise of noun clause

5. He didn’t know ________ to do or not. the game.

A. if B. whether C. what D. how

6._______the 2012 Olympic Games will be held in Japan is not know yet.

A. Whenever B. If

C. Whether D. That

Revise of noun clause

2 the game.在suggest, insist, demand, order,require等表示建议,命令,要求的动词后,从句的谓语动词要用虚拟语气,即: (should) +v.。如:

I insisted that he (should) do it at once.

She suggested that the work (should) be finished at once.

Revise of noun clause

3 the game.在接复合宾语的句子中, 为了保持句子平衡, 用it 作形式宾语,将从句放于句尾, 常接复合宾语的动词有: make, find, see, hear, feel, think...

I think it necessary that we take plenty of hot water every day.

--I think that we take plenty of hot water every day necessary

7. They make ____a rule whoever breaks the law will be punished. A. it B. that C. what D. this

Revise of noun clause
表语从句 the game.

1. be, seem, look等动词后均可跟表语从句:

It seems that it is going to rain.

It looks as if it is going to rain.

2. as if, because 也可引导表语从句。

It was because I got up late.


The reason was that he didn’t catch the early bus. 原因是因为他没有赶上早班车。

Revise of noun clause

4. the game.主句的主语是名词idea, advice, suggestion, order, request, requirement时, 表语从句应用虚拟语气,即: (should) +v.

My suggestion is that we should have a discussion about this matter instead of just setting it aside.

Revise of noun clause

8. She looked _______ she were ten years younger. the game.

A. that B. like

C. as D. as if

9.The reason why I can’t go to the meeting is _______ I have an important appointment with the doctor.

A. because B. that

C. why D. what

Revise of noun clause

10. This is _____ I had to take the risk of being washed away.

A. why B. reason why

C. how D. what

11. His advice is ____ we _____ a cottage in the country, with the money we have saved.

A. when; bought B. where; to buy

C. what; buy D. that ; should buy

Revise of noun clause
主语从句 away.

1. that 在主语从句中不充当任何成分,但不能省略

That they are badly in need of help is quite clear.


2.主语从句在复合句中作主语, 它可以位于句首, 但常见的主语从句多放在句末,句首则用形式主语it

That the earth is round is true.

= It is true that the earth is round.


Revise of noun clause 作形式主语的结构

(1) It is+名词+从句

It is a fact that … 事实是…

It is an honor that …非常荣幸

It is common knowledge that…是常识

It is an honor that I was invited to the party.

(2) It is+形容词+从句 (多用 should+ v. )

It is natural that… 很自然…

It is strange that… 奇怪的是…

It is strange that he come so early.

Revise of noun clause

( away.3) It is + 不及物动词+从句

It seems that… 似乎…

It happened that… 碰巧…

It appears that… 似乎…

It happened that we were out for a walk yesterday evening.

(4) It is + 过去分词+从句

It is reported that… 据报道…

It has been proved that… 已证实…

It is said that… 据说…

It is said that some American friends will visit our school next week.

Revise of noun clause

3. away.用带-ever的引导词 (如whoever, whatever) 引导的主语从句一般不后置。

Whoever leaves the room last should close the door.

Whatever we do must be in the interests of the people.

Revise of noun clause

12. ______ does wrong is punished in the end. away.

A. Whoever B. Which

C. Who D. That

13. _______ was reported that the population of the world is growing fast.

A. That B. What C. It D. Which

14. _______ we need more practice is quite clear.

A. When B. What C. That D. /

15. ______ we will choose has not decided yet.

A. When B. What C. That D. /