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HOW TO ADD/DROP CLIENTS. How to Find New Clients. FIND A NEW CLIENT: 1.   Find  WAITING LIST ICON  on desktop. 2.    SORT  by right-clicking column I and sorting alphabetically. DO NOT EVER USE THE FILTER COMMAND 3.    CALL  student: 9+1+number+ Press star sticker on phone.

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  2. How to Find New Clients FIND A NEW CLIENT: 1.   Find WAITING LIST ICON on desktop. 2.   SORT by right-clicking column I and sorting alphabetically. DO NOT EVER USE THE FILTER COMMAND 3.   CALL student: 9+1+number+ Press star sticker on phone. 4.   COPY ID # of student or write it down. 5.   DELETE ROW in Waiting List (right-click the blank box at the left margin of the row) and delete row. You MUST do this.

  3. How to Add Clients ADD A CLIENT Click on the blue drop down arrow located on the appt. slot. Enter the Student’s ID# and hit enter. Verify that you are adding the correct student before you do this.   Click on the ID and Verify all the days for the remainder of the semester have been added. Following this, close the box and refresh the page to see the appointment. Repeat the two previous steps to add another student to the multiclient session.

  4. Drop Policy and How to Drop a Client: This policy applies to weekly tutoring appointments.  A client’s series of tutoring appointments for the semester may be cancelled by the AARC if the client: 1.       Fails to show for the first appointment, 2.       Misses an appointment without calling at least thirty minutes prior to appointment. 3.       Cancels two consecutive appointments without having made appropriate arrangements with the tutor or program director. HOW TO DROP A CLIENT FROM MULTI CLIENT SESSION: 1.  TO DELETE a client from a Multi-client session, simply go to the date they are to be dropped and click the “x” next to their name. You will be asked if you want to drop the appt. for this client and the date range from the drop down list will be shown. Click Yes and the dates will be dropped.

  5. Remember! Note: It is at your discretion to drop a client. Also, if you can’t find a replacement for your drop, then drop next week’s appointment so it will be open. When picking people up off the waiting list, the tutor must call from the break room phone to schedule an appointment. If the client does NOT pick up, go ahead and LEAVE A MESSAGE. Wait about 30 minutes to see if you hear back from said person. Make sure you delete clients from the waiting list as the appointments are filled! If you have any questions, ask your PROGRAM DIRECTOR OR PROGRAM ASSISTANT.


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