A new beginning
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A new beginning . By: JFK-103B1W21 & JFK-102B3W21 . Introduction . You will learn communication, decision making, team building, and creativity skills You should feel accomplished by the end of this program in your career

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A new beginning

A new beginning


JFK-103B1W21 & JFK-102B3W21


  • You will learn communication, decision making, team building, and creativity skills

  • You should feel accomplished by the end of this program in your career

  • Your time at your program you will spend time with our employees to gain these skills.

Statement of the problem

Need for correction

Statement of the problem

  • Since the unemployment rate is also very high more and more employees are coming in.

  • The real problem is that they lack the required skills necessary to become an active employee in our company.

  • Our employees need to require these skills to make the workplace easy and enjoyable for everyone.

  • The problem is employees are lacking these skills

  • The need for correction for problem is urgent

  • We need well-trained employees

  • If employees don’t have these skills we can’t run our company

Overview of program
Overview of Program

  • What we plan to introduce is the new Employee Training program.

  • With this program we train/retrain all of our employees. This program will be duration of about 4 weeks.

  • Upon completion, employees will receive a degree proving they are more than adequate in the skills of communication, decision making, team building skills, and also creativity skills.

  • During this four week program you will attend various seminars, complete quizzes, and do various activities with your co-workers

Introduce materials program created skill communication
Introduce Materials/Program created Skill: Communication

  • Communication is very valuable in the


  • Communication is defined as the exchange of thoughts, opinions, and information through speech, writing or signs

  • Work can’t be completed without communication

  • If nothing gets completed then the company fails and we go out of business

Skill communication situation scenario
Skill: CommunicationSituation/ Scenario

  • We need our employees to be

    retrained in communication

  • You will attend a 1 hour seminar explaining the details of this program

  • 1 week later the program will begin

Skill communication desired outcome
Skill: CommunicationDesired outcome

  • By the end of the first week

  • employees will have this skill

  • They won’t disrespect their boss in anyway

  • Employees won’t be afraid to ask questions

  • Employees will able to communicate with other workers

Skill creativity importance in the workplace
Skill: CreativityImportance in the Workplace

  • With Creativity you can be very successful

  • Creativity is when you can see a problem happening and can solve it right away

  • With creativity you can create ideas for meetings, new projects, power points, etc

  • With this skill things will be more efficient in the workplace.

Skill creativity situation scenario
Skill CreativitySituation/ Scenario

  • At this program you will take a quiz

    on how creative you are: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/creativity-quiz.htm

  • Next, employees should be able to compare answers with each other and it shouldn’t take longer than 30 min

  • After you have taken the quiz you go to a seminar about how to develop creativity and why it is so important to have this skill and techniques. (Approx 2 hrs)

Skill creativity desired outcome
Skill: CreativityDesired Outcome

  • The desired outcome of this course is you should be able to use your creativity at work. When you leave this program you should feel confident and be able to solve problems. You should also be better at team work. The activity you did with the shapes should have taught you to be more creative it also should off to teach you to be quicker on your feet to solve an issue.

Skill team building importance in the workplace
Skill: Team Building Importance in the Workplace

  • Requires communication and commitment

  • With commitment you must try to have a relationship with other workers

  • With communication you can just text, email or even talk in person about a meeting or anything

  • With team work, work can be completed faster and more efficiently

Skill team building situation scenario
Skill: Team BuildingSituation/ Scenario

  • You will take a Team Checkup quiz

    on how everybody works with each other:


    afterward you will compare answers with a partner.

  • Do a group activity of 5 people and try to solve a problem whoever wins will receive a bonus

  • Attend a 2 hour seminar

  • Next everybody will be split into 2 groups with the same Sudoku puzzle but with one group they will work together the other group won’t

Skill team building desired outcome
Skill: Team BuildingDesired Outcome

  • By the time you leave this program you should feel as if you have this skill

  • You should know other employees

  • You should have learned that it’s easier t work together than it is alone from the group activity

  • You should have more confidence

    and better at solving problems

Skill decision making skills importance in workplace
Skill: Decision Making skillsImportance in Workplace

  • Decision-making is a key skill in the workplace, and is particularly important if you want to be an effective leader.

  • Being able to make good decisions can also go hand in hand with teamwork to make good decisions with a team

Skill decision making situation scenario
Skill: Decision Making Situation/ Scenario

  • All employees must learn this skill

  • You will first take a quick survey(15mins)


  • Next you will attend a seminar on this skill (1hour)

  • For the rest of the week you will attend decision making activitys

Skill decision making desired outcome
Skill: Decision MakingDesired Outcome

  • By the end of the week you should feel a well understanding of this skill

  • At work you should be able to come up with a solution for any problem

  • Become more of a effective leader in the workplace

Wrap up
Wrap Up

  • Your time at this program you should have learned made new friends and most importantly learned new skills

  • You should have gained is confidence, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and be able to communicate

  • This will help you because these are the traits that company's want for there employees

  • With our new trained employees

    our company should succeed greatly