ip network monitoring service monip n.
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Ipê Network Monitoring Service MonIPÊ

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Ipê Network Monitoring Service MonIPÊ. José Augusto Suruagy Monteiro suruagy@unifacs.br http://wiki.monipe.rnp.br/monipe. MonIPÊ Experimental Service. Main Objective: Provide monitoring information to all kind of users Target audience: RNP and NRENs users. Experimental phase:

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ip network monitoring service monip

Ipê Network Monitoring ServiceMonIPÊ

José Augusto Suruagy Monteiro



monip experimental service
MonIPÊ Experimental Service
  • Main Objective:
    • Provide monitoring information to all kind of users
  • Target audience:
    • RNP and NRENs users.
  • Experimental phase:
    • Initial infrastructure being deployed throughout several Ipê network nodes
    • January thru December 2008
specific objectives
Specific Objectives
  • Traffic characterization via flow measurements;
  • High accuracy network performance measurements (one way delay, jitter, losses, and available bandwidth);
  • Regular connectivity tests;
  • Last/first mile performance measurements;
  • Network performance verification and observation environment.
user categories
User Categories
  • Users in general:
    • Visualization of the results obtained from regular tests,
    • Use of recommendation tools, and
    • Access network tests.
  • Advanced users:
    • Demand for customized performance tests, and
    • Observation for collaborative experiments
      • High speed transfers, Overlay WG, Climate Information, EELA 2 (E-Science Grid Facility), LHC, etc.
  • Network Management and Operators users
  • Service deployment
    • Active monitoring infrastructure deployment
    • Passive monitoring infrastructure deployment
    • Service portal deployment
    • Measurement analysis service deployment
    • Support service deployment
    • Deployment evaluation
  • Dissemination:
    • Kick off meeting (25/5/08)
    • Presentation at WRNP (27/05/08)
    • Workshop (20-24/10/08)
  • AUP definition
  • Software development and improvement
  • Service continuity plan
hardware at each location
Hardware at each location

GPS synchronization kit

{mp1 | bwctl}.pop-XX.rnp.br

{mp2 | owamp}.pop-XX.rnp.br

{mp3 | ndt}.pop-XX.rnp.br

central servers
Central Servers




software being deployed
Software being Deployed
  • Flows:
    • NFDUMP version 1.5.7
    • NFSEN version 1.3
    • Flow Selection and Aggregation MA
    • Flow Subscription MP
  • MPs:
    • CL-MP version 2.0
    • Bwctl version 1.2a
      • Iperf version 2.0.4
    • Owamp version 3.0c
    • NDT version 5.5.4a
  • MAs:
    • RRD-MA
    • SQL-MA version 2.0
  • LS version 1.2
  • CactiSONAR version 0.8.7b
deployment process
Deployment Process
  • Collaborative effort with technical staff of each PoP
  • Installation process described on our Wiki
  • Videoconference as a kick off
  • Support via RT and mailing list
  • Centralized homologation
  • Current status:
    • 11 locations already homologated
    • 2 in the process
    • 5 delayed
  • We hope to finish deployment by next week
active measurements
Active Measurements
  • Tools:
    • Owamp and Bwctl (via CL-MP)
    • CactiSONAR: scheduling and visualization
  • Proposed schedule for regular tests:
    • OWAMP: full mesh every 5 minutes
    • BWCTL - TCP: along the backbone links every hour
passive measurements
Passive Measurements
  • Netflow data using NFDUMP and NFSEN
  • Coverage:
    • 10 major routers (BA, CE, DF, MG, PE, PR, RJ, RS, SC, SP)
  • URL:
    • http://flows.monipe.rnp.br/monipe/nfsen/nfsen.php
  • Services currently under test:
    • Flow Selection and Aggregation MA
    • Flow Subscription MP
cl mp
  • What’s new (expected for MDM 3.1 release):
    • Standard modifications for 3.1 (syslogging, self-test, new web admin, new file structure)
    • SelfTest for CL-MP was implemented in a “Nagios check-like” way. Shell scripts can be created to check whatever network operators of the domain think needs to be tested.
    • OWAMP Summarized tests
  • Status
    • Version 2.0 is being deployed on all RNP PoPs
    • We expect version 2.1 (with the new functionalities above) to be deployed by the end of the month.
cactisonar integrated environment
CactiSONAR integrated environment






Núcleo do CACTI




















Arq. RRD

Conf. MySQL




  • What’s new (expected for 0.6 release):
    • Testing being scheduled in CL-MP version 3.0 or newer and retrieving information from MA-SQL.
    • SelfTest is expected for further releases.
  • Status
    • Version 0.5 is being deployed on RNP environment
    • Version 0.6 is expected to be deployed by the end of the month.
  • Goals (newer versions)
    • SelfTest
    • Authentication Service Integration in CL-MP and the built-in RRD-MA
    • Lookup Service Integration
ice internet computer network eye
ICE (Internet computer network Eye)


  • Description:
    • Developed since December 2005 to fulfill RNP’s Measurement WG demands;
    • A dynamic visualization client for network measurement services and data;
    • Developed using Java, Apache Axis, JFreeChart and OSGi.
  • New functionalities:
    • Drag ‘n drop of network measurement access and visualization bundles;
    • New Bundle functionalities;
    • Installation using IzPack;
ice internet computer network eye1
ICE (Internet computer network Eye)


  • Status:
    • Access and Visualization Bundles can be installed and uninstalled easily;
    • The development of new bundles can be made using the interfaces provided by the FLAVOR framework;
    • Bundle live cycle management is provided by the Felix OSGi platform;
    • Visual Icons make the network bundles more attractive to the users.
  • Goals:
    • Provide better bundles integration;
    • Provide better resources for the development of new network measurement bundles;
    • Develop new end-user friendly bundles.
ice internet computer network eye2
ICE (Internet computer network Eye)


authentication service
Authentication Service
  • CAFE (FEderated Academic Community)
  • Shibboleth 1.3 (and simpleSAMLphpShib 1.3 in RNP)
  • At the beginning only RNP’s IdP will conform to eduGAIN.
  • RNP’s IdP will be a central common Identity Provider for user’s without an AAI.
  • ICPEDU (Brazilian Research and Education PKI)
  • The certificates for the CAFE servers will be issued by a subordinate AC of ICPEDU root AC
authentication service status
Authentication Service (status)
  • Authentication Service status at RNP
    • There is an interim AAI at UNIFACS
      • Shibb IdP and SP with simpleSAMLphp conform to eduGAIN RC2
      • SASL CA
    • Both services use certificates issued by eduGAINCA and eduGAINOCA
  • There is an AS currently in test at RNP
authentication service status1
Authentication Service (status)
  • Tests
    • IdP RNP
      • Test with https://kelimutu.switch.ch/aai
      • Test with BE of AjayDaryanani
      • Is there a Web-based application that access a AS protected pSR?
    • SASL CA
      • can’t publish the metadata in http://mds.rediris.es:8080 and the perfSONARUI show error with another MDS
      • But the deployment seems good
    • perfSONAR AS (not yet tested)
      • Waiting for the metadata publication in the MDS accessible by perfSONARUI (e.g. http://mds.rediris.es:8080).
authentication service1
Authentication Service
  • Planned scenario (soon)
    • Move the services to RNP
    • Certificates Issued by the ICP-EDU AC.
    • Integration of all services
  • Desired scenario
    • All users federated through their institutional AAI.
    • All AAI conforming to eduGAIN.
additional activities
Additional Activities
  • MENTOR – Recommendation Tool
  • TopS – Topology Service
  • RP – Resource Protector (GigaIQoM)
mentor recommender tool

Mentor Recommender Tool


main concepts and current features
Main concepts and current features
  • Concepts
    • Provides recommendations to end-users
      • Network manager, users in general
    • Suggests the network use based on:
      • Users’ profiles (EduPerson’s Attributes), Application features, Network performance
    • Client-Server basis
      • Server process recommendations, maintain user’s information
      • Client interacts with the users, present recommendation and get feedbacks
  • Features
    • Performs last mile measurement tests
      • NDT (Modified version of the NDT Client) and Ping
    • Incorporates “RNP-topology service”
      • It finds the nearest PoP and perform NDT and Ping tests
    • Supports LDAP-based Authentication
      • Presents different views based on EduPerson attributes
    • Ontology-base application classification
    • Support for internalization (versions in Portuguese and English)
general architecture
General architecture

MonONTO + Measurement rules


Web Services for others applications

JColibri Framework for Case-Based reasoning


EduPerson-Based Models of users Identification


BesidesPsMAsrequestsalso onlastmiledemand tests


On going


future directions
Future directions
  • AA through AS
    • Matches of: User x Application type x Network performance
    • Ontology classification
    • Case-based reasoning
      • What the others in the same situation said?
  • Reasoning considering
    • Definition of a case
      • User’s profile and preferences.
      • Application’s features
      • Network Metrics
    • Incorporating the Java-based Jcolibri framework for case reasoning
  • Ping support
  • Recommendation based on the backbone measurements
  • First release scheduled for October/08
resource protector service
Resource Protector Service
  • Developed in a related project.
  • Proof of concept:
    • Description (in Portuguese): http://wiki.nuperc.unifacs.br/gigaiqom/index.php/Test
    • API: http://wiki.nuperc.unifacs.br/gigaiqom/index.php/API_do_Servi%C3%A7o_de_Prote%C3%A7%C3%A3o_de_Recursos
    • Code: http://wiki.nuperc.unifacs.br/gigaiqom/uploads/9/9d/Perfsonar_RP.jar
international testing
International Testing



Géant 2












international testing1
International Testing
  • Regular tests from RNP (São Paulo), through Red Clara to:
    • Internet 2 (Atlanta?)
    • Géant 2 (Madrid)
    • ESnet (through Internet2?)
  • How often?
next steps or pending issues
Next Steps or Pending Issues
  • Flow services:
    • SURFnet’s testing
    • G3: packet capture
  • Deployment of gLS
  • Topology Service:
    • Topology discovery
    • Defined services
  • AS
    • eduGAIN x I2 solution
  • MDM releases:
    • CL-MP
    • Testing
  • International Testing
    • Planning
    • Metrics composition
  • RNP:
    • Iara Machado
    • Ana Lucia de Moura
    • Alex Soares de Moura (NOC)
    • Leonardo Carneiro (NOC)


  • Edison T. L. Melo
  • Guilherme E. Rhoden
  • Guilherme Fernandes
  • MuriloVetter


  • Dimitri Anjos
  • Herbert M. Souza
  • Ivo Koga
  • Suruagy
  • Leobino Sampaio
  • Rafael Costa
  • Patrícia Dourado