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Preparing Today’s Young Women

Preparing Today’s Young Women. For Tomorrow’s Challenges. Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) (Centre for Education & Consciousness) FROM EDUCATION TO SKILLS AND LIVELIHOODS Bahwalpur District Case Studies. Trades for Young Women Stories of Courage & Hope

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Preparing Today’s Young Women

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  1. Preparing Today’s Young Women For Tomorrow’s Challenges Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) (Centre for Education & Consciousness) FROM EDUCATION TO SKILLS AND LIVELIHOODS Bahwalpur District Case Studies

  2. Trades for Young Women Stories of Courage & Hope Transforming Schools into Sustainable Enterprises Trades & Livelihoods: a) Domestic Tailoring b) Beautician – Guddi Baji

  3. (A) DOMESTIC TAILORING- TRAINING CENTER FOR DOMESTIC TAILORING at Uch Sharif ( Remote Rural Area of Bahawalpur) In Government schools, technical and vocational training in spite of efforts has been at a standstill since a decade. The Govt. of Punjab initiated a program for vocational training, established labs and procured equipment which has been lying idle in school storages. ITA took the bold step in collaboration with UNILEVER Pakistan Ltd. And TEVTA , testing use of schools in the afternoons for technical vocational training to the local youth. • The equipment was since been reopened and new trades are now coming to life for the students and the local community. These have also been initiated in the same schools with Govt. and ITA donated machines – a long overdue need.

  4. Execution, Support &Recognition Livelihoods & Philanthropic Support- 10 machines for Most Needy Domestic Tailoring Graduates - Enabling Livelihoods-

  5. Kaneez Fatima Technical and vocational training changed Kaneez Fatimas’s ( an orphan girl) life a lot. Living with three sisters and two brothers, one of whom was a single bread-winner earning up to Rs. 3000 per month for the extended family meant struggle and it could not provide enough for the family’s daily needs.

  6. Kaneez decided to make her life better and change the destiny into which she was born. Once she earned her diploma in domestic tailoring, she became a self-sufficient young lady earning Rs. 300-350 daily by stitching. As her home comprises of just one room made up of mud, she sits and stitches under the shadow of a tree in the courtyard. Learning new skills has brought Kaneez hope that her children may have a better life and that she can provide them aspirations by her own positive example

  7. Ruqayyah Ruqayyah is an orphan, and has 6 siblings dependent on her completely. Through the domestic tailoring program she has become capable of becoming a seasoned trainer for sewing & tailoring. She with her entrepreneurial courage and spirit has started a training centre with her meager sources. She is now earning Rs. 6400 per month and is training 8 girls with the art of sewing & tailoring. Her family is now making their ends meet.

  8. Ruqayyah’s Training Centre

  9. SHABANA NAWAZ Shabana Nawaz lives in a one room house in a very poor condition with her mother, father, three sisters, two brothers and grandmother. Shabana’s father is bed ridden suffering from heart disease and even she is a victim of polio. Attending the training provided her a new skill - tailoring which is rewarding for the whole family and enables them to lead their lives with dignity.

  10. Shabana is a courageous lady and she is a perfect role model for other women who have to face difficult conditions, but are not afraid to work on their own happiness and bring a better life for themselves and their families.

  11. Fouzia And Rabia Challenged: stunting & hearing impairment The vocational training empowers women. It gives them a chance for a better life and gives them an opportunity to become self-sufficient, financially independent and also to help their families so they can replace a man when it is necessary as a bread-winner of the family if the difficult situation occurs. This was also Fouzia and Rabia’s case. The girls’ life is challenging due to the stunting and hearing impairment

  12. Their family consisting of eleven members, living in a one-room house on Rs. 4000-5000 monthly; their future was uncertain and their mother was deeply afraid how to help them. Now she is sure her girls will take care of themselves. The training helped them become self-sufficient and now they earn enough to provide a decent living for themselves.

  13. B) Beautician - Guddi Bajji -Introduction • Guddi Baji project is a perfect example of creating livelihoods in a sustainable manner • It is an extensive program through which these Guddi Baji will earn two way – by selling Unilever brands & beauty services to women in their vicinity • The sales of Unilever brands are tied with incentives, which will help them establish their own beauty parlor Who are Guddi Bajis ? • Guddi Baji are energetic & articulate women , they’re aware of beauty brands & are enthusiastic about sharing them • This program will give Guddi Baji the opinion leadership they need to sell & promote Unilever beauty brands • Guddi Bajjis are women with an entrepreneurial spirit who are interested in earning a dignified livelihood • They’re carefully selected by BRC from deep rural villages by virtue of the aforementioned qualities

  14. Parveen “My Life has changed for the good atlast.” – Parveen Enrolling in the “Guddi Baji Program” has changed Parveen’s life completely. She is now self-sufficient, and is earning Rs. 8000 – Rs. 10,000 per month and is also supporting her family. A simple village girl, sitting idle after matriculation enrolled in the program, and is now running an independent home based-business. “Women Now come up to me asking for my Suggestions & Opinions. They talk about their skin and hair problems. My opinion is respected, and has given me immense confidence.”

  15. Ana “I used to often wonder how my children would grow? My husband works in the city but his income is very low. My friend told me about the “Guddi Baji” program, and I enrolled. I have now successfully sold my first stock, and have more orders.” Three marriages were held in our village recently, and I dressed up all the brides. Every one liked them, and appreciated me a lot. My life has changed for sure. I am confident and hopeful for the future of my children. I know I can educate them and prepare them for tomorrow.

  16. Uzma Uzma was widowed at the young age of 22, and was left behind with her two children. Six months after her husband’s death her son too passed away. Her family was taking her complete responsibility, but she felt burdened and wanted to do something on her own for her daughter. She applied as a trainer for the “Guddi Baji” initiative, and is now completely self-sufficient. She does not only pay for her and her daughter’s expenses but also contributes towards her household income, and is looking forward to making several other girls like her independent.

  17. Rabia “I never thought starting my own business would be so easy. I took a three month extensive beauty training and by the end of it I have not only started providing beauty services to the nearby residing ladies, but I have “Rahbar” coming in to my home, providing me with Unilever Products to sell.” “ I am now a contributing member of my house. Everyone respects my opinion and asks for my advice.”

  18. Shehnaz Shehnaz was just passing her life before getting trained. There are 8 people in her family. Prior to the training there were days when her family had to go without food. After getting skilled she has now opened up her parlor with a loan taken from her relative and is earning Rs. 300 – Rs. 400 per day. She and her family are now in a much better condition. She has also paid back 60% of her loan.

  19. Rashida After getting skilled Rashida has opened a beauty parlour with the help of her savings and now her parlour is one of the best parlour of the town and she is earning more than Rs. 5000-7000 per month and even more… .

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