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muslim-made. Encountering Prophet Muhammad (pbh) Creativity Competition on Agenda. Motivation Need to Encourage Islamic Art in Germany. The Project “Creativity Competition”. Success Factors. Appendix. Motivation. For years things have hardly changed….

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Muslim made


Encountering Prophet Muhammad (pbh)

Creativity Competition on



Need to Encourage Islamic Art in Germany

The Project

“Creativity Competition”

Success Factors


For years things have hardly changed


For years things have hardly changed…

  • Muslims came to Germany as immigrants …

    • Since their arrival as immigrants during the 60’s and 70’s Muslims in Germany have almost exclusively been stuck working to provide their families with a basic living standard.

    • Now circumstances force them to react, defending their religion and beliefs and cope with being hardly recognized as part of German society.

    • Still, having become German Muslims after all this time, they aspire to their rightful place within German society.

… and have mentally just arrived.

Now it is time for creativity


…now it is time for creativity

  • Time has come for Muslims in Germany to be part of their new home’s cultural life

    • Due to their bicultural biographies and ambivalent mental world there is vast potential among Muslims in Germany for creative work and stories to tell

    • Artistic expression helps the Muslim community to cope with social, economic, cultural, and emotional problems …

    • … and makes them better understood by the other groups of the society.

Arts can impact a genuine contribution to building bridges and permanently overcoming cultural alienation.

To initiate and encourage artistic work by a competition in creativity

The Project

To initiate and encourage artistic work by a competition in creativity …

  • Artistic activity among German Muslims has just begun to make first steps

    … and needs encouragement and coaching.

  • German Muslims’ intellectual work has been preoccupied with political and theological topics for many years

    … a competition in creativity will promote artistic awareness and encourage talents.

Creative arts have always needed patrons – among German Muslims today they need encouragement and coaching.

With prophet muhammad pbh as first topic

The Project

… with Prophet Muhammad (pbh) as first topic

  • Prophet Muhammad has always been subject of Muslim lyrics and music

  • The Prophet is an essential part of own identity, culture, and emotions

  • … and stands for misunderstandings and controversial concepts between Muslims and non-Muslims

The topic is apt to inspire genuine and authentic artistic work

The competition essentially distinguishes four genres

The Project

The competition essentially distinguishes four genres …

Visual arts (e.g. painting)


Music and Media


And addresses all muslims in germany

The Project

… and addresses all Muslims in Germany


  • countries of origin: Turkey, North Africa, the Balkan, Iran, Middle East, Germany etc.

  • social backgrounds: educational level, income class

  • religious attitudes: “practicing” and “non-practicing” Muslims, “well-integrated” and “non-integrated”

The competition will help initiate artistic works representing the richness of German Muslim culture

Crucial success factors are given

Success Factors

Crucial success factors are given

Famous patron:

Murad Hofmann 1)

(former German Ambassador)

  • Promotion (starts in Ramadan/October 2006)

  • most prominent German Muslim website with up to 700.000 page impressions / month

  • Islamische Zeitung: most widely read Muslim newspaper with strong focus on culture topics

  • Mosques and their associations

  • Muslimische Jugend: widespread and well-accepted Muslim Youth organisation

  • Prominent jury1)

  • Isam Bachiri: Outlandish band member

  • Hülya Kandemir: musician and young author

  • Engin Noyan: musician and song writer

  • Navid Kermani: famous writer

  • Feridun Zaimoglu: famous writer

  • Ahmad Kreusch: calligraphist, musician, writer

  • Significant awards

  • Hajj and Umrah

  • Talent development training

  • Weekend trips to cultural sites (e.g. Granada)

  • Outstanding awards show

  • Dating: Prophet’s birthday in April 2007

  • Adequate location: great mosque or signifying German building

  • Attendees: politicians, artists, celebrities, award winners

    • …with huge Media promotion and participation

1) Jury and patron to be confirmed

A competent project team


A competent project team

  • Eva Klewno, project leader

    • born in 1978, graduate architect, head of Islamic Women’s Centre in Darmstadtlanguages: German, English, Arabic

  • Ali Boujataoui

    • born in 1978, graduated in economics and engineering, senior consultant at Theron Business Consultinglanguages: German, English, Arabic

  • Aiman Mazyek

    • born in 1969, Master of Arts in Political science, publicist and media consultant, project leader and chief editor of, secretary general of Central Council of Muslims in Germany, vice-chairman of GRÜNHELMElanguages: German, Arabic, English

  • Mohamed Laabdallaoui

    • born in 1970, graduated in economics and engineering, lecturer in Islamic Science at Central Council of Muslims in Germany, former consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and Arthur Andersenlanguages: Arabic, German, English, French

  • Sven Korschinowski

    • born in 1971, Master of Arts, Banker, senior consultant at Deutsche Bank, communication trainerlanguages: German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic

  • Asmaa Elmaarouri

    • born in 1989, sixth former, supervisor of girls meeting at Darmstadt Islamic Women’s Centre, project leader of Darmstadt Muslim comedy award 2006languages: German, English, Arabic

And our success can only come from god and he shows the way
… and our success can only come from God and He shows the way!