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Muslim Civilization

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Muslim Civilization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Muslim Civilization. Chapter 9, section 1. Kwl chart. Let’s talk about your KWL chart you did for homework. Explore the timeline. Copy the timeline When and where was Muhammad born? What was the hegira, and when did it take place? When did Ghana emerge as a major trading empire?

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muslim civilization

Muslim Civilization

Chapter 9, section 1

kwl chart
Kwl chart
  • Let’s talk about your KWL chart you did for homework.
explore the timeline
Explore the timeline
  • Copy the timeline
  • When and where was Muhammad born?
  • What was the hegira, and when did it take place?
  • When did Ghana emerge as a major trading empire?
  • What even happened in North America in 1000?
origins of islam
Origins of islam
  • Read “The Inside Story” on page 257
  • Summarize in your notes
  • What happened???
arabian peninsula
Arabian peninsula
  • Bedouins-nomadic Arab peoples, moved herds between scattered oases
arabian peninsula1
Arabian peninsula
  • Farming was limited, but coastal towns flourished-Why??
  • Trade flourished!
  • Mecca was one of these towns.
  • What influence may his early years as a trader have had on Muhammad and his ideas?
map it
Map it!
  • Mecca Syrian Desert
  • Medina Nafud Desert
  • Riyadh (capital)
  • Red Sea
  • Persian Gulf
  • Mediterranean Sea
significance of mecca
Significance of mecca
  • Also a religious center…….the Kaaba was/is there
  • The Kaaba and pre-Islamic Mecca - YouTube
  • 570 Muhammad ibnAbd Allah-Muhammad
  • Both parents died so he was raised by his uncle-Abu Talib-a powerful clan leader
  • Merchant
  • Married-older widow named Khadijah-who he had worked for
  • 6 children-all but 1 daughter (Fatimah) died young
  • How did being a merchant influence his thinking????
  • Met followers of Judaism and Christianity-what did this probably mean?
  • Muhammad was religious
  • 610-what happened?
the revelations
The revelations
  • Allah is the one & only true & all-powerful God
  • Instructions on how to live to please Allah & live in paradise after death
how did meccans respond
How did meccans respond?
  • Why did some powerful Meccans not accept
  • his teachings???
  • After his uncle died in
  • 619, he had to flee
  • Mecca
  • Moved to Yathrib,
  • which would be called
  • Medina (“the Prophet’s city”),
  • in 622
muhammad s journey
Muhammad’s journey
  • The hegira-Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina-622
  • Islamic calendar-marks year 0
  • Severs ties with Judaism
  • Turns prayer from
  • Jerusalem to Mecca


  • Muhammad then spent 10 yrs converting followers to Islam
  • Islam means “achieving peace through submission to God”
  • Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salam” meaning “peace” and “submission”
  • Muslims were/are followers of Islam
  • # of Muslims grew rapidly as Muhammad preached
controlling mecca
Controlling mecca
  • Meccans fought w/ Muhammad & his followers
  • Why? Clans!
  • By 630, Muhammad controlled Mecca and now a political force
  • His influence in the western part of the Arabian peninsula was unmatched
basic ideas of islam
Basic ideas of islam
  • Muhammad could not read or write
  • He recited his revelations from God
  • Followers memorized the words & some wrote them down
qu ran
  • Those writings-direct revelations from Allah (God)-collected into the Qur’an-the sacred text of Islam
five pillars of islam
Five pillars of islam
  • Five basic acts of worship that are central to Islam & that Muhammad fulfilled himself
first pillar
First pillar
  • Profession of faith-witnessing
  • “There is no god but God (Allah), and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”
  • Denies other polytheism & states Muhammad was human-prophet, not a deity
second pillar
Second pillar
  • Performance of five daily prayers-always facing Mecca
third pillar
Third pillar
  • Charity-giving to the poor or other needy people
fourth pillar
Fourth pillar
  • Fasting-going without food or water-from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadan
what is ramadan
What is ramadan?
  • What is Ramadan? An Explanation by Yusuf Islam – YouTube
  • Thursday, July 19, 2012, - Saturday, August 18, 2012
  • July 9, 2013 - August 7, 2013
  • Muslims learn self-discipline, empathy, thankfulness, etc.
fifth pillar
Fifth pillar
  • Pilgrimage-journey-to Mecca (if physically & financially able!)-called the hajj
  • Pilgrims gather in the city’s mosque-Muslims’ place of worship
  • Walk seven times around the Kaaba
  • Walk to nearby Mount Arafat-where Muhammad is said to have delivered his last sermon
guidelines for behavior
Guidelines for behavior
  • Some are……
  • No pork
  • No alcohol
  • No murder, lying, or stealing
  • Jihad-”struggle for the faith”
  • Let’s talk about Jihad………….
the sunna
The sunna
  • Sunna-”tradition”-record of Muhammad’s behavior & teachings
  • Provides guidelines on relationships, business dealings, & religious practice
  • Hadith-each individual report on Muhammad’s actions
  • More on Hadiths
  • Monotheistic-there is ONE god
  • Allah-God in the Jewish & Christian traditions
  • Abraham, Moses, & Jesus were prophets-and Muhammad saw himself as the last of God’s prophets-giving the final, most perfect fulfillment of God’s words-God’s final message in the Qur’an
people of the book
People of the book
  • Muslims are taught to respect Jews and Christians as “people of the book” because they share the tradition of prophets who taught and received revelation from God (Allah).
  • Read the “Sacred Texts: The Qur’an” and answer the “Analyze” question