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Quality Assurance Management System

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Quality Assurance Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality Assurance Management System. QAMS Provider Regional Meetings. Quality Assurance Communication (pg 16-18). Communication between the RPO and the provider that identifies: Questions, concerns, and praise related to quality measures Areas of growth Areas of excellence

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Quality Assurance Management System

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quality assurance management system

Quality Assurance Management System


Provider Regional Meetings

quality assurance communication pg 16 18
Quality Assurance Communication (pg 16-18)
  • Communication between the RPO and the provider that identifies:
    • Questions, concerns, and praise related to quality measures
    • Areas of growth
    • Areas of excellence
    • Training Opportunities
  • Provide RPO, providers, and case managers an opportunity to share information and communicate a plan to improve the quality of services
  • Think of it as a learning tool
qar qac

When an issue is identified during the agency quality assurance review

  • Reviewer generates a quality assurance communication (QAC)
  • Three types of QACs generated during a review
      • QAR
      • QAR Standard
      • QAR Consumer
  • QACs are submitted as a group
qar qacs continued
QAR QACs Continued
  • QAR Standard
    • Connected to either a provider prepared standard or on-site standard
  • QAR Consumer
    • Connected to a consumer visit
  • QAR
    • A QAC generated during a review that is not associated with a standard or a consumer visit
qar qacs reviewer info
QAR QACs: Reviewer Info
  • Reviewer identifies the issue or best practice and how it was discovered
  • Reviewer references the review standard (when applicable)
  • Reviewer references the manual (when applicable)
qac provider response
QAC Provider Response
  • You must enter information in the Provider Response boxes
    • QAC Cause:
      • Describe the cause
      • Be specific to individual circumstances
      • Think broadly about system issues that may have caused the issue
qac provider response cont
QAC Provider Response Cont
    • QAC Action:
      • Describe the provider follow-up action
      • Address specific QAC issue
      • Address prevention of future issues and assurance of program compliance in the future
  • Remember: You must enter text in both of these boxes to submit the QAC to the RPO!
  • Feel free to submit additional documentation and material, i.e., in-service training, compliance tool, letter, updated service plan, etc.
qac closure
QAC Closure
  • *Closed Resolved – Provider response is adequate and provides necessary action, documentation or follow up.
  • *Closed Unresolved – Provider response does not meet expectation and agreement cannot be reached.
  • *Closed with Follow Up QAC – Provider response misses intent of request or partially meets the intent. Follow-up QAC provides more specifics of what is needed from the provider.

QAC closure is required prior to review closure

qac search pg 18
QAC Search (pg 18)
  • Use this screen to find a QAC that an RPO sends you
    • Search by QAC Number
  • Use this screen to search for QACs that are not closed
    • Search by Status
  • Use this screen to search for QACs generated during a quality review
trouble shooting tips pg 19 20
Trouble Shooting Tips (pg 19-20)
  • Navigating Drop-down lists
  • Required Fields
  • If you delete text accidentally
  • Use your submit buttons to finish your action
  • Use your scroll bar to see all the information in fields
qams questions
QAMS Questions?
  • Ask a co-worker
  • Call your RPO
  • Make sure to notify the RPO when a staff member who has access to QAMS leaves your agency so their system access can be blocked!