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Quality Management System

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Quality Management System

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  1. Facilities Management Quality Management System Argenis Osorio – Manager, Quality Assurance 13-11-2012 Document and Record Control

  2. Document and Record Control • Purpose and Scope • This procedure defines the process steps, roles and responsibilities that apply to the control of documents and records in the Quality Management System (QMS). • This document describes the control of documents needed to: • Properly identify all QMS and SAM documents • Properly review and approve new documents for adequacy prior to use • Properly review, update and re-approve already released documents, when necessary • Ensure that all changes and revision status of documents are identified • Ensure that only the current and relevant version of documents are available at the point of use • Ensure that all documents of external origin, determined to be necessary for the planning and operation of the QMS, are identified and their distribution for use is effectively controlled • Prevent the unintended use of obsolete documents to include the application of suitable identification to the documents if they are retained for any purpose 2

  3. Document and Record Control • Responsibilities • Document Author • Creating a new document • Updating or revising an existing document • Involving the relevant stakeholders in the review and development of a document • Refer to QA-FOR-0002 QMS Pre Document Release Checklist to ensure document requirements have been met • Forwarding a draft copy of the document to the Quality Assurance and EH&S Departments for pre-screening (if determined to be necessary) • Facilitating the creation of a deployment and training plan for new or updated document(s) – if required • Identifying any external documents that can affect the quality system or its processes and referencing in the relevant processes including locations and retention period 3

  4. Document and Record Control • Responsibilities – Continued • Document Approver (Process Owner) • Approving new document releases, document revisions and document obsolescence • Confirming that all references in the document are valid and available • Reviewing and approving the development and training plan (if applicable) • Ensuring that the requirements of this procedure are followed • Ensuring that obsolete documents of external origin are not available for use by mistake, by replacing it with updated version of the documents • stamping printed documents as “CONTROLLED DOCUMENT” and distributing them (if applicable) 4

  5. Document and Record Control • Responsibilities – Continued • Managers/Directors • Management of all QMS master index of documents coding and revision number within the department • Notifying their staff or employees of any new, revised or obsolete documents • Ensuring that their personnel are made aware of and are following the relevant requirements of the QMS controlled documents 5

  6. Document and Record Control • Types of Documents • Procedures • A Procedures template QA-TMP-0001 is used primarily for high level documents that do not involve a lot of detail. This template is generally used to document critical business procedures and/or processes that affect several departments. • SOP or Guideline • A Word SOP Template - Short QA-TMP-0002 and/or Word SOP Template - Detailed QA-TMP-0008 is used to document the details of a particular task or activity. It generally includes step-by-step instructions, work guidelines that aim to streamline a particular process, and other types of detailed information. It defines the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of processes, systems, activities and controls. 6

  7. Document and Record Control • Types of Documents • Process Map • A Process Map template QA-TMP-0007 is used to document the graphical details of a particular task, activity or process that might otherwise be documented using a procedure or SOP/Guideline template. • Forms • A form template is used when the author wishes to capture data in a consistent and routine format. The form template comes on a word version QA-TMP-0003, a single page Excel Landscape version QA-TMP-0004, a single page excel Portrait version QA-TMP-0005 and, a multi-tab Excel worksheet version QA-TMP-0006. 7

  8. Document and Record Control • Reasons of Failure of Procedures in QMS • The common reason is the failure of up-to-date your procedures, • Your procedures are long and desperately complicated with lots of jargon, • Your procedures are not clear to people, intricate and not easy to convey, • Your procedures are not easily available, • Your procedures are not followed by people If you can’t control your procedures, it will not work, • Too generic procedures are also not acceptable in policy system, • Poorly designed procedures, which are tough to navigate is another reason of failure, • Procedures are wrong and factually incorrect, and • Procedures do not follow consistency in formats. 8

  9. Document and Record Control • How we document our Quality Management System? • FM has a documented QMS with a four tier document tree 9

  10. Document and Record Control • The document’s approval matrix is as follow (QA-PRO-0002): 10

  11. Quality Management System Overview • Where is Facilities Management’s QMS located? • Our QMS documentation is located on the Facilities Management SharePoint Site and in the FM P://drive: • https://spsc.ucalgary.ca/sites/FMShareSite/default.aspx • P://FM/Public/Quality Management System • Here is where to find your procedures, SOP/Guidelines, forms, templates, etc. in order to perform your work. 11