differences between the north and the south n.
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Differences Between the North and the South

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Differences Between the North and the South - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Differences Between the North and the South. Geography of the North. Geography of the South. Economy of the North. Economy of the South. Transportation in the North. Transportation in the South. Society in the North. Industrial and urban lifestyle Stretched from Maine to Iowa

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society in the north
Society in the North
  • Industrial and urban lifestyle
  • Stretched from Maine to Iowa
  • Black Northerners=free, but not equal
  • worked as laborers and servants
  • White Northerners
  • Most lived on farms
  • Children were expected to help with the harvest
  • Cities next to factories and railroad tracks
society in the south
Society in the South
  • Agricultural and rural
  • Maryland to Florida and west to Texas
  • Black Southerners
  • Small minority were free (had a badge as proof)
  • Skilled crafts people or servants
  • Slaves=cooks, carpenters, blacksmiths, nurses, maids/nannies, field hands
  • White Southerners
  • Measured wealth in terms of land and slaves
abolitionist movement in the north
Abolitionist Movement in the North
  • Abolitionist=someone who wants to abolish slavery
  • Blacks and whites worked together towards this outcome
  • Sometimes peaceful
  • Sometimes violent

Frederick Douglass John Brown

abolitionist movement in the south
Abolitionist Movement in the South
  • Mostly female
  • Tried to convince lawmakers slavery was illegal
  • Spoke out against slave beatings