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PWB530: Sybase Developer Network PowerPoint Presentation
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PWB530: Sybase Developer Network

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PWB530: Sybase Developer Network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PWB530: Sybase Developer Network. Dave Fish Principal Systems Consultant August 15-19, 2004. Who are Developers?. They are the creators of all software technologies from the simple start-up menu to the backbones of Worldwide Financial markets

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PWB530: Sybase Developer Network

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Presentation Transcript

PWB530: Sybase Developer Network

Dave Fish

Principal Systems Consultant

August 15-19, 2004

who are developers
Who are Developers?
  • They are the creators of all software technologies from the simple start-up menu to the backbones of Worldwide Financial markets
  • Without Developers, as a consumer your phone wouldn’t work, your games console won’t run and your car can’t start
  • The world runs on software. The hardware it runs on is useless without the software
who are developers1
Who are Developers?
  • In the world of business, everyone uses PCs, networks, phone systems, databases, internet banking, financial transactions, etc. All this hardware and software is specified and created by IT engineers, developers and project managers
  • Developers create the software and IT systems, they run it, they manage it, they implement it and they make the decision on re-structuring it
  • Developers are the first and last part in the critical chain of the decision-making process, from the smallest application to Worldwide infrastructures
gates on modeling less coding
Gates on Modeling / Less coding
  • “The most significant change in the next 10 years will be visual modeling tools that will reduce software coding ‘by a factor of five’”…’This is what IT owes its customers’…’Nothing will make a million lines of code a pretty thing’…’the key breakthrough in code is writing less code.’

Bill Gates—Gartner Symposium/ITExpo 2004

why work with developers
Why work with Developers?
  • It’s all about winning the hearts and minds of developers…’
  • Developers are the most important segment, basically we are a platform company and platforms are only successful if you have developers willing to bet on your platform…
  • Why work with Developers?
    • Massive impact
    • Brilliant people
    • Serving our most important customer segment.
making good code great
Making good code Great
  • Clarity
    • The top quality of the cake
  • Design
    • Plan the program before you build it
  • Efficiency
    • Is your program fast and economical?
  • Elegance
    • Hard to describe-but easy to recognize-replace a procedure with a table?
making good code great1
Making good code Great
  • Layering
    • Your program is like a cake-the app sits on the framework on the OS on the Hardware
  • Modularity
    • Good programs erect large systems from smaller ones, which come from even smaller ones
  • Readability
    • Do you bother to write legible comments?
  • Simplicity
    • Do you make the extra effort to be concise? Can what took 10 lines be done in 5?
the enterprise unwired1
The Enterprise. Unwired.

Industry and Cross Platform Solutions







  • Adaptive Server Enterprise
  • Adaptive Server Anywhere
  • Sybase IQ
  • Dynamic Archive
  • Dynamic ODS
  • Replication Server
  • OpenSwitch
  • Mirror Activator
  • PowerDesigner
  • Connectivity Options
  • EAServer
  • Industry Warehouse Studio
  • Unwired Accelerator
  • Unwired Orchestrator
  • Unwired Toolkit
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Real Time Data Services
  • SQL Anywhere Studio
  • M-Business Anywhere
  • Pylon Family (Mobile Email)
  • Mobile Sales
  • XcelleNet Frontline Solutions
  • PocketBuilder
  • PowerBuilder Family
  • AvantGo

Sybase Workspace