classification project mrs wiedenfeld life science l.
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Classification Project Mrs. Wiedenfeld Life Science PowerPoint Presentation
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Classification Project Mrs. Wiedenfeld Life Science

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Classification Project Mrs. Wiedenfeld Life Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Classification Project Mrs. Wiedenfeld Life Science. By: [ Your Name ] [ Your Teacher’s Name ] [ Your Grade ]. CLASSIFICATION PROJECT. You will be assigned a phylum or class by a random drawing. Publishing Options.

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classification project mrs wiedenfeld life science

Classification ProjectMrs. WiedenfeldLife Science

By: [Your Name]

[Your Teacher’s Name]

[Your Grade]

classification project
  • You will be assigned a phylum or class by a random drawing.
publishing options
Publishing Options

Choose a way to share the information you have learned (here are some suggestions):

  • Create a webpage sharing the information you learned (your page will be linked to my webpage).
  • Create a newspaper that you will distribute to an audience of your choice.
  • Create a Power Point presentation to share with our class.
  • Create a Poster to display.
  • Create an informational brochure (Word or Publisher) that you will distribute to an audience.
  • Animal links on my web site
  • Life Science Text Book
  • Encyclopedia/Library Books
  • Internet
your phylum organism physical features
[Your Phylum/Organism Physical Features]
  • Describe in detail what they look like. Be sure to include interesting characteristics and features.
  • Include symmetry type (radial, bilateral, asymmetric)
what kind of organism is it
What Kind of Organism Is It?
  • Explain what types or varieties there are.
  • Vertebrate, invertebrate, other?
habitat where a your organism lives
Habitat - Where a Your Organism Lives
  • Describe where your organism lives.
  • Is it an aquatic habitat or a land habitat…?
what a your organism phylum likes to eat
What a [Your Organism /Phylum] Likes To Eat
  • Describe what your organism likes to eat and how they obtain their food.
  • Predator or prey?
  • Is your organism an herbivore, omnivore, or a carnivore?
your organism s early stages of life
Your Organism’s Early Stages of Life
  • Explain what your organism’s method of reproduction is & what it is like as a baby.
  • Cycles, stages…
how your organism survives
How your Organism Survives
  • Explain how your organism survives in the wild.
  • Adaptations…
  • Be sure to talk about how it adapts to its environment.
  • Describe their methods of movement.
more interesting facts about your organism
More Interesting Facts About[Your Organism]
  • Include more interesting facts & adaptations.
important aspects
Important Aspects
  • Include a List of “Life’s 6 Kingdoms” (pg. 195)

(Copy/paste Inspiration)

  • Include the “Order of Classification” (pg. 196)
  • Include a List of the 9 “Phylum of the Animal

Kingdom” (pg. 345)

  • Include Drawings or Pictures for each section