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What is “I’m a GeePee Programme?”.

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What is “I’m a GeePee Programme?”

I’m a GeePee is a loyalty and travel discount programme that aims to inspire everybody to become tourists in Gauteng through dialing up affordability using compelling special offers; and personal loyalty and sense of identity (for Gautengers) using provincial ambassadors and peer recommendations, amplified on all marketing channels.

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Target Market

‘I’m a GeePee’ aims to mobilise Gauteng residents to become tourism ambassadors of their own province and so encourage others to visit Gauteng

The main focus is on encouraging domestic tourism (inter- and intra-provincial), but does not exclude international visitors (Gautengers are GeePee's, but everyone can own the line ‘I’m a GeePee and this is my Gauteng’ when they visit Gauteng)

A key segment is the ‘young and upcoming’ emerging market of 18-40 year olds, because of their lifetime value and physical embodiment of the young, modern, urban ‘I’m a GeePee’ programme

This target market very much epitomise what Joburg represents, urban appeal, fresh, evolving and go getters

It is for this reason that I’m a GeePee programme needs to be anchored by the City of Joburg

I’m a GeePee, I rock Joburg!

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Objectives by March 2013

15,000 GeePee’s

100 Product Partners

Use specific media channels, events & campaigns

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GeePee Ambassadors

Penny Lebyane

Lerato Kganyago


Kwela Tebza

Danny K


Pops Mohamed

Wouter Kellerman

PJ Powers

Arthur & Chomee

Craig Jacobs

Sonia Motaung


Lionel Skink

Zee Samodien


Kgomotso Pooe

Lebo (Lebo’s Backpackers)

Jo Buitendach

Zandile Dhlamini

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Current Campaign

Experience the GeePee Life this Summer!

Range of events, attractions, experiences and GeePee offers showcased on multiple channels incl. community radio; newspapers; social media; mobile; online; billboards; in-flight; shopping malls; TV; etc.

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Value Proposition for Joburg Tourism

  • We are proposing a partnership deal with Joburg Tourism to have JTC as one of the GeePee programme official partner

  • This partnership will entail, a tailor-made GeePee Joburg card that will work also on all GeePee partner sites across the province with Joburg co-branding at the back

  • Joburg Tourism can also co-brand the card with some of the city’s properties that adds value to the tourism value chain or form part of the attractions

  • These includes:

  • Reya Vaiya Buses, Joburg Parks, Stadiums, Joburg Theatre etc

  • These properties services can be bundled into the GeePee Joburg card but will also be available

  • on the entire programme

  • We are looking at joint card promotions at the City of Joburg events and partnered events like,

  • 94.7 cycle challenge, Run the City Marathon, Joburg Day etc

  • By being a valued partner JTC will have access to over 12500 and growing GeePee database and

  • be able to invite to events, offer special and communicate some of the city's specials to travelers,

  • tourists and wanna be

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Access to Programme Intelligence for Joburg Tourism

  • As indicate, this programme and partnership gives JTC access to the GeePee database but not only that, access to consumer profiles, monthly and quarterly usage reports

  • It gives JTC an opportunity to select Joburg specific data on Joburg specific products performance and traffic and align the city’s marketing and promotion efforts towards its products

  • Have specific events campaigns and link the GeePee partners in those specific areas like Randshow activation with the adjacent products and create a GeePee Joburg Randshow specials, GeePee AFCON opening weekend special and be able through a dedicated SMS line have a mobile campaign that links with the main programme i.e. conducting activations at these events and have a special clients engagement programme through a GeePee SMS line SMS GP Randshow to 33090 we can have those registering and being entered into a specific competition at the show and in the process win some prices but register as members

  • The platform could be used to also communicate URGENT municipal info like electricity cut offs to both consumers and partners or products

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What are we looking for from potential partners
What are we looking for from potential partners ?

  • Joint initiatives to promote the programme including activations

  • Butter deals ranging from products partnership, cash and in-kind contributions, competitions, trade exchange etc

  • Opportunity to use other platforms i.e. websites, digital campaigns, social media linkages etc



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Product Partners Benefits

Multi-platform marketing exposure

Ambassador endorsements & PR opportunities

Point-of-sale and window display collateral

State-of-the-art technology provided by global


No fees and no booking or referral


Co-branding opportunities

Provincial loyalty and discount umbrella

Programme with strong pride and identity linkage

Authority endorsement and influence

Ability to align with GTSS & GEGDS

Access to our technology partner

Base, (JSE listed Blue Label telkoms)

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GeePee Offer Types

The following offer types are available for GeePee specials:

Buy ONE get ONE Free

Buy TWO get ONE Free

10% off

15% off

20% off

25% off

30% off

Family bundles, kids are free

Single admittance (100% free)

Multiple admittance (100% free always

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GeePee Categories

Action & adventure

Entertainment & events

History & heritage

Leisure & lifestyle

Arts & culture

Nature & wildlife



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What is on the horizon?

Convenient partner portal to manage & track performance, order collateral, submit offers

Seamless integration between digital GeePee platforms

Devices and collection points launched across all 5 regions: Maropeng; Sterkfontein Caves; Apartheid Museum; Mandela House; Constitution Hill; GTA offices; ORTIA Visitor Information Centre; Sandton Visitor Information Centre

Event activations throughout summer; student activations for start 2013

Programme extensions e.g. transport network & sport events

Ongoing growth, enhancements & stakeholder engagement

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  • Alignment with a recently refreshed programme with state of the art and new futuristic technology

  • Plug and Play immediately with ability to load almost all JTC products and partners seamlessly into the programme and be able to generate reports and manage progress

  • Joint Marketing and Branding Opportunities

  • Tap into Blue Label’s 140 000 points of sales in the country and take the Joburg brand beyond our confines

  • Cross sell the city’s products with other regions thus offering more value for a tourists or traveler

  • Cost effective programme and ability to align with provincial programmes

  • Ability to bring in multi distribution networks like VIC’s, service points etc

  • Form part of an integrated City Region’s Domestic Tourism Promotion Programme

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  • On your signed-up Product Partner CD, you will find the following collateral artwork that will assist

  • you in promoting your GeePee specials:

  • GeePee sticker giveaways for GeePee traveller sign-ups

  • GeePee window display Product Partner stickers

  • A5 GeePee promo flyer for summer campaign

  • GeePee Partner logo (for use on partner sites & partner print collateral)

  • Videos

  • Presentation

  • You will also receive the following as required:

  • FAQs for Point of Sale

  • Devices & cards (optional; to purchase, plus training)

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