Welcome to the lucky 7
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Welcome to the Lucky 7. 2013 - 2014 School Year. 7 th Grade -Lucky 7. At 4:45 and 5:30 we will be having a 20 minute informational meeting. Presentation handouts available. 7 th Grade- Lucky 7. 2013 - 2014 School Year. Welcome! You have been selected for this team.

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Welcome to the lucky 7

Welcome to the Lucky 7

2013 - 2014 School Year

7 th grade lucky 7
7th Grade -Lucky 7

  • At 4:45 and 5:30 we will be having a 20 minute informational meeting. Presentation handouts available.

7 th grade lucky 71
7th Grade- Lucky 7

2013 - 2014 School Year

  • Welcome!

  • You have been selected for this team.

  • Meet your guides on this mission.

7 th grade lucky 72
7th Grade -Lucky 7

  • Mr. Matt Wood

  • Learn the power of numbers.

  • Master the art of division.

  • Comprehend beauty of geometry.

  • “Remember, there is strength in numbers!”

  • MATH

7 th grade lucky 73
7th Grade -Lucky 7

  • Ms. Tara Peotter

  • Delve into the scientific

  • brain

  • Investigate the enigma of

  • light and sound

  • Unravel the mysteries of life

  • “ Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -Marie Curie


  • .

7 th grade lucky 74
7th Grade -Lucky 7

  • Ms. Mary Ellen Graf

  • Strengthen decoding to unlock the

  • secrets in literature

  • Harness the power of words

  • Refine the ability to communicate

  • “ The pen is mightier than the sword.” Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • “The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.” Marty Feldman


7 th grade lucky 75
7th Grade -Lucky 7

  • Ms. Ruth Flanagan

  • Bring the world closer to you

  • Cultivate curiosity in other people

  • & places

  • Predict & build the future

  • “O, brave new world that has such people in it.”- Miranda, The Tempest by William Shakespeare.


We are lucky 7
We are Lucky 7

Ms. Flanagan

Mr. Wood

Ms. Peotter

Ms. Graf

  • Along with

  • Mr. Nick Saeger- CARE

  • Ms. Victoria Kuehn-ELL

  • Ms. Tanya Greene-ECLIPSE

  • Ms. Michelle Priebusch-Ed Assistant

  • Mr. Danny Johnson-Ed Assistant

  • Ms. Annya Fahey

and YOU!

You have been selected
You have been selected

  • Our Mission

  • To learn, to grow, and to build a community

  • To tap in to hidden talents

  • To learn the lessons to become the heroes that we know you are

  • Code of Honor

  • Be safe

  • Be responsible

  • Be respectful

  • Our Motto

  • Use your powers for good.

Tools for success
Tools for Success

  • Assignment Notebook

    • It is your new best friend! It should be with you for every class.

    • It should go home every night.

    • Record homework and completed work

    • Keep track of reading minutes for English reading log (120 minutes a week)

    • Keep track of websites and login information

    • Contains the school’s handbook

    • MGS passes

  • Homework Google-Doc

    • Will be shared by the end of Week 2

    • Online homework list through students’ school email

    • Teachers will update as assignments change

  • Infinite Campus –Online Grade Book

    • Check often

    • Grades

    • Missing assignments

    • Teacher messages

  • Contact information
    Contact Information

    • Email addresses and phone numbers -Best to use the school website at mononagrove.org

    • Glacial Drumlin School

    • Staff Directory

    • Matt Wood– Math, Math Plus Period - 839-8078

  • Tara Peotter– Science, Writing Plus - 839-8695

  • Mary Ellen Graf – English & Comm. Arts – 839-8697

  • Ruth Flanagan – Social Studies – and 8th grade English -839-8528

  • Nick Saeger – Care - 839-8247

  • Math mr wood
    Math – Mr. Wood

    • Check Infinite Campus for Effort/K&S updates

      • Module Tests – 60%

      • K & S Checks – 30%

      • Participation – 10%

      • Messages – Missing Assignments/Grades ≤ C-

    • Late Work – Better late than never.

    • Refer students to red binder for questions when they have them while working at home.

    • www.bigideasmath.com

    Life science ms peotter
    Life Science - Ms. Peotter

    • Textbooks

      • Online or check-out for hard copy

    • Communication

      • Check student email regularly for class e-links, updates, and supporting materials

      • Email me any time with questions!

    • Group Work

      • Skills: communication, time management,

        and academic integrity

      • Accountability for individual contributions

        and group dynamics

    Life science ms peotter1
    Life Science - Ms. Peotter

    • Grading…see Infinite Campus for weekly updates

    • All completed work is accepted!

      • K & S

        • Review Homework & Quizzes

        • Tests (Use Binder as a study tool!)

        • Projects (Research and Labs)

      • Effort

        • Practice Homework

        • Daily Work (Warm Ups and Notes)

        • Participation (Group Work)

    Social studies mrs flanagan
    Social Studies – Mrs. Flanagan

    • World Geography – “Citizens of the World”

    • Physical and human geography

    • Focus on big ideas: How did earth’s landscapes come to be? Why does culture matter? How did nations arise? How can we prepare for a changing world? How can we become wise and engaged “citizens of the world”?

    Social studies mrs flanagan1
    Social Studies – Mrs. Flanagan

    • Concepts: Dynamic earth, the human footprint, Mosaic of cultures, Population and development, Europe in the Age of Exploration

    • Places we’ll explore more closely: India, China, Japan/Korea, Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa

    Social studies mrs flanagan2
    Social Studies – Mrs. Flanagan

    • Grading:

    • Homework assignments (effort and K&S),

    • Tests and quizzes (some maps), and a number of interesting, challenging , interdisciplinary


    • Late work? Generally

    • 10% deduction.

    • Need help? Just ask!

    English mrs graf
    English – Mrs. Graf

    • Grading

      • 30% Reading Comprehension

      • 25% Communication-Writing/Speaking

      • 35% Mechanics- Spelling/Word within the Word/Grammar

      • 10% Reading Log

    • Reading, Reading, Reading!!!

    • Words, Words, Words!!!

    • Plus class –Communication Arts

    English books online
    English BookSOnline

    • Go to MG www.mononagrove.org

    • Click GDS

    • Staff Directory

    • Find Mrs. Graf

    Plus classes

    Concentrated intervention & Extension

    Communication Arts – Mrs. Graf

    Math – Mr. Wood and Ms. Alt

    Writing – Ms. Peotter

    Science – Ms. Fahey

    Reading – Ms. Maeder

    Family and Consumer Education is one class in the encore rotation and is taken by all 7th grade students for one quarter. Projects in 7th grade F.A.C.E. include a friendship bracelet and a pillow. Extra credit sewing opportunities include projects such as easy stuffed animals, dog toys, and hacky sacks. A short disabilities unit will focus on service animals, their training, and the ways animals help their human companions. We will also review basic kitchen safety and measuring techniques, and gain experience with different tools and equipment used in the kitchen while making some tasty snacks. Get ready to have fun and learn a lot!

    7 th grade art
    7 rotation and is taken by all 7th Grade Art

    • Art is about being alive…seeing more, being aware of the environment, sensitivity to a changing world, self-expression, creativity, knowledge, and enjoyment.

    • Learning to see and learning to draw is emphasized in 7th grade art. Throughout a quarter, the students will also create a wire and paper mache sculpture, explore perspective in a styrofoam print, and have an introduction to watercolor painting.

    • Ms. Koykkar is the 7th grade art teacher.

    7 th grade world language
    7 rotation and is taken by all 7th grade World Language

    • 2 alternating quarters with Ms. Hinton:French or for Spanish your child could have Ms. Berg or Mrs. Wollermann.

    • Success = studying! 10-15 minutes per night is recommended to retain and do well in the language.

    • Students need to aim for a B or better in both K&S and Effort in order to continue with their chosen language in 8th grade (no switching of languages between 7th and 8th grade).

    7 th grade world language1
    7 rotation and is taken by all 7th grade World Language

    • With B’s or better your child should continue with his/her chosen language in 8th grade. This is a full-year elective with a no-drop policy.

    • Please stop by room A223 if you have any questions about the World Language program in our district

    Conferences rotation and is taken by all 7

    • November 21st& 25th~ 4-8pm

    • “Drop-In” Format ~ No prescheduled times

    • Approximately five minutes

    • Please help us move along for those waiting to talk to us.

    • If you have bigger issues to discuss, we can schedule a team meeting during the school day.

    • Thanks for being patient 

    Incentives celebrations
    Incentives & Celebrations rotation and is taken by all 7

    • Participation based on

    • No referrals for a specific time period.

    • All work completed and turned in (work rooms available)

    • More information soon! At least one a quarter.

    • Past events included:

    • Raffles Movies

    • Games Sports Activities

    • Sundae Bars Pod Dances

    • Electronic Options Quiet Room

    What to expect the first day
    What to expect the first day!!! rotation and is taken by all 7

    • Report to homeroom

    • Assembly

    • Report back to homeroom

    • Shortened schedule

    • Bring your planner and communication folder back!

    • Sign in with homeroom teacher. rotation and is taken by all 7

    • Pick up your papers from your homeroom.

    • Try your locker.

    • Walk around and check things out.

    We will see you on Tuesday!