Public health division h1n1 pandemic response and planning
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Public Health Division H1N1 Pandemic Response and Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Health Division H1N1 Pandemic Response and Planning. Randy Shaw Liaison and Planning Unit Manager Public Health Emergency Preparedness Public Health Division September 17, 2009. Initial H1N1 Response.

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Public health division h1n1 pandemic response and planning

Public Health DivisionH1N1 Pandemic Response and Planning

Randy Shaw

Liaison and Planning Unit Manager

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Division

September 17, 2009

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Initial h1n1 response
Initial H1N1 Response

  • Public Health Division is the lead state agency for State Support Function/Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF#8)

  • The PHD’s Agency Operation Center (AOC) was activated on April 27, 2009 (Public Health Director & Preparedness Manager)

  • One of our pre-established Incident Management Team (IMT) was activated.

  • AOC was open 12 days, 13 hours, 45-minutes and 54 seconds

  • Planning has continued all summer

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Ongoing response activities
Ongoing Response Activities

  • Public Information Officer

    Joint Information/Media Management activities and products:

    • Daily news conferences and press releases

    • Legislative testimony

    • Launched website:

    • Translation Services

    • H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Summit, August 21, 2009

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Initial response activities
Initial Response Activities

  • Operations:

    • Conducted outbreak investigations

    • Provided consultation with LHDs, schools and other response partners

    • Daily conference calls with response partners

    • Developed and disseminated 15 guidance documents

  • Planning:

    • Developed weekly IAPs

    • Provided twice daily SitStat reports

    • Conducted outreach strategy meeting with leaders in Hispanic community

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Initial response activities1
Initial Response Activities

  • Logistics:

    • Received and stored 25% of Oregon’s allocation of SNS pan flu assets

    • Pushed out state cache of antivirals to LHDs, tribes and state agencies

    • Executed expedited contracts with emergency procurement rules

  • Finance/Admin

    • Developed cost tracking system and provided cost reporting

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Response tools used
Response Tools Used

  • Weekly Incident Action Plans (IAPs)

  • Twice Daily SitStat Reports

  • Joint Information Center (JIC)

  • Health Alert Network (HAN)

  • Hospital Capacity (HOSCAP)

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

H1n1 after action report
H1N1 After Action Report

  • What went right, what can be improved and next steps

  • PHEP staff have complied this AAR based on:

    • PHD debriefs,

    • OR-Epi Conference debriefs,

    • CLHO LHD debrief,

    • DHS-PIO debrief,

    • PHD-Lab debrief,

    • SNS Partners debrief,

    • Interviews

    • Observations from the ICS Coaches

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Key facts
Key Facts

  • 12 media briefings, 19 press releases, 11 H1N1 documents were translated into Spanish and 2 into Russian

  • Public website received more than 50,000 visits

  • Public Health Hotline received more than 650 calls

  • Health Alert Network, provided 30 HAN alerts, and

    • 799,025 individual hits

    • 8,086 visitors

  • State Lab completed a large number of test for H1N1 Influenza virus

  • Push out over 10,000 antiviral courses to 36 counties, 9 tribes, and 3 state agencies

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

Current situation
Current Situation

  • IMT meeting daily

  • Command and General Staff (two week rotation)

  • Ops Center OERS #2009-2015

  • Sit/Stat weekly In HAN and Ops Center

  • IAP In HAN and Ops Center

  • Conference calls

  • Anti-Viral and Vaccine Planning Assessment and Gaps Analysis

  • Strategic H1N1 Communications Plan is in development

  • Many unknown planning assumptions

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Next steps
Next Steps

  • Long haul ahead, anticipating 8 months of response activities

  • Contact your LHD Preparedness Coordinator

  • Ordering forms and instructions are on Ops Center (recommended, but not required)

  • Best and most current H1N1 information is on web at:

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe

More info
More Info

  • Emergency Assistance for Human Influenza Pandemic

  • FEMA Policy DAP9523.17

  • URL:

  • Emergency Medical Care and Medical Evacuation

  • FEMA Policy DAP9525.4

  • URL:


  • The HAN is a secure web portal comprised of several dynamic web applications.  Its primary purpose is to process, push, and archive health and disease information throughout the public health system.  Typically, the system is used to share routine environmental health, epidemiological, and laboratory information.  The system also gives Federal, State, and local agencies the ability to rapidly (and securely) push emergency health notifications to partners throughout the state.

  • In addition to health messaging, the system monitors, in real-time, Oregon Hospital and Emergency Department Data via HOSCAP, a build-on web system in HAN.

  • The HAN system also provides a system for pre-registration of Oregon Healthcare Volunteers, known as "SERV-OR" in Oregon.  It is Oregon's Federal ESAR VHP Program. 

  • URL:

DHS | Independent. Healthy. Safe