the art of body language n.
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The Art of Body Language PowerPoint Presentation
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The Art of Body Language

The Art of Body Language

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The Art of Body Language

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  1. The Art of Body Language

  2. Many are often misinterpreted by the people around them. Sometimes, they wonder what they did wrong to deserve it. There are also times that these people feel disappointed because as much as they want to project a side of themselves to others, they remain misinterpreted for their actions. To avoid these feelings of frustrations and disappointments from misinterpreted actions like this, it is high time that one learn the language behind the spoken words.

  3. Body language includes non-verbal actions that people do when they interact with others. According to experts, it is roughly two-thirds of the actual communication process. For this reason, people ought to know the basic do’s and don’ts. In addition to this, this kind of language is usually harder to interpret when compared with oral language.

  4. Body language is very vital to an effective communication process. It is a very helpful tool to be successful in one’s endeavors in life. For instance, it can help a businessman read the movements of their clients in order to close a deal with them. It also enables an interviewer to be more aware of the applicant’s personality during a job interview.