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Dermatology. Cody Park. Nature of the work. Daily routine includes working with burns, rashes, acne and other various skin problems. Includes work with men/women that have cancer and need to have tumors removed.

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Cody Park

nature of the work
Nature of the work
  • Daily routine includes working with burns, rashes, acne and other various skin problems.
  • Includes work with men/women that have cancer and need to have tumors removed.
  • May Have to perform surgeries on major 3rd degree burns and on people that want minor cosmetic procedures.
  • Hours vary on weather you work licensed through a medical group, like a hospital, or if you run your own office. The average work hours is a 10 hour day.
  • 4 year Bachelor degree
  • 4 year medical school
  • 1 year internship in one of the following(Internal medicine, general surgery, family practice, obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, or emergency medicine.)
  • 2 to 3 year residence at a professional Dermatology establishment.
qualifications necessary skills
Qualifications/ necessary skills
  • Good people skills
  • Being able to handle things that are not esthetically pleasing.
  • Being able to explain things in a way that people will be able to understand, without sounding condescending.
  • Being able to handle blood and perform surgeries if it needed to be done.
job outlook
Job outlook
  • The potential future job out look for this field of work is almost 100% successful dermatology is one of the most in demand medical careers.
  • My future prospect is to be working through a hospital or other medical group so that I will be able to have a larger variety of people that I would be able to assist.
potential earnings
Potential Earnings
  • As of right now the set average of salaries for dermatologist is between 225 thousand to 430 thousand dollars a year.
  • The earnings for someone in their internship is 169,940 dollars.
  • I see the pay being raised in the future as the costs of living increases.
jobs related
Jobs related
  • Veterinary Dermatologist are dermatologists are dermatologists that work with the care of animals.
  • Immunodermatologist work with the care of tissues and certain dieses of cells and tissue, that sometime involve dealing with skin.
  • Pediatric Dermatologists work strictly with kids and children under the age of 13.
coal mining
Coal Mining

Great Grandfather’s occupation

nature of the job
Nature of the job
  • The average work day for a coal miner was from 4:30am to 8pm.
  • Very long hours and very little work room. Life as a coal miner would have been rough.
  • Their would be a team of men down about 500 feet below ground in a pitch black tunnel lit only by Carosine lamps.
training and education
Training and Education
  • There really was no training or education needed to be a coal miner. You just needed to be an able bodied man.
  • The only real qualification that is needed is that you have an body that can work.
  • Be able to be in close quarters with other people in a practically dark surrounding.
job out look
Job out look
  • The job out look for coal miners is still around there are still mines in kentucky.
  • Most coal refining is done by machine now so its not as bad as it was back when my great grandpa was doing it.
potential earnings1
Potential earnings
  • Coal miners that work in kentucky have an average pay of 57 thousand dollars a year.
  • I’m sure that they pay will go up as the cost of living goes up.
related jobs
Related jobs
  • Mining for gold
  • Mining for diamonds
  • Mining for minerals like steel and copper and things that come from the ground.