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Aesthetic Dermatology & Dermatology PowerPoint Presentation
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Aesthetic Dermatology & Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology & Dermatology

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Aesthetic Dermatology & Dermatology

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  1. Aesthetic Dermatology Seperatly from the nature of skin, the skin needs also vary with age. Resistance of skin to external environment decreas, skin starts to sag and get dry. Therefore skin care of aging skin should be appropriate to the situation, a special serum should be used in this kind of skin care. Dermatology Acne is a skin disease of pilosebaceous unit. The problem sometimes can be experienced in adolescence or may be systemic problems accompanied by excessive lubrication or hormonal abnormalities due to unmet improper care products such as .Sometimes they can be taken into the statement of infectious agents.

  2. HOME ABOUT AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY DERMATOLOGY LASER APPLICATIONS PRESS Contact Us Skin Care and Baby Protects our body against external environment, our skin that enables us to the heat balance of and our sense of touch in the first period of its life is more subtle, delicate and sensitive to microorganisms. The newborn’s body is covered with a blanket called vernix caseosa at birth. This cover, while helping adaptation to the external environment is protective against skin thin skin to lose moisture. Therefore, after birth baby just should be wiped. Umbilical cord leave until around the mouth and genital area should be cleaned with special wipes and also should be avoided irritate washing. When washing baby hair and body cleaners should be specially designed products for baby skin and should not be over-used. After the bath dry skin should be moisturized with special product again. While cleaning the baby clothes should be used soap and soap powder and rinsed with water. If possible, it should be dried in sunlight. Because Diaper area is a closed place, skin irritations may occur. To protect the integrity of the skin should be applied specific protective products and diapers should be changed frequently. Do not use talcum powder. If irritation does not improve with these measures, spread and increase its violence should be consulted for the differentiation of other diseases to dermatologist. Babies should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.

  3. Laser Stain Treatment Dark discoloration on the skin can be naturally. It also can occur later in life as sun stains, age stains, pregnancy stains, acne stains, freckles, stains that are formed after any injury, benign or malignant skin tumor. The diagnosis of stains before stain treatment planning must be done correctly. Stains should be evaluated by a dermatologist. Before treatment planning, the diagnosis of stains must be done correctly. Stains should be evaluated by a dermatologist. Distinction of a skin tumors and a simple sunspot must be made correctly in terms of the treatment plan. While sunspots are treating by cosmetic reasons only a skin tumor may require surgery, medication or monitoring. After the summer, sunspots are quite a common problem. After intense sun exposure or tanning skin produces more melanin pigment to protect itself. Women are more common. Generally settled on face where more sun exposed as above the lip, forehead and cheeks. In freckles, especially during sunny periods brown stains are got remarkable which in the cheeks, over the nose, on the forehead and chin. Losing the effect of the sun begins to decline. Sometimes oral medications, cosmetics applied on skin, perfumes or herbal contacts with sun exposure can cause to reaction and color darkening of the skin. During pregnancy or using the hormonal drugs can be increased the production of melanin pigment, especially in sun-exposed skin.

  4. Lip Fill Lips by time… Lips are one of the most attractive areas on our face when looked. Sometimes, because of advancing age, our lip’s volume decreases, it turns down a combination of upper and lower lips, sometimes lips are thin compared to our structural facial or are asymmetrical. What’s the solution may be to the lack of volume or asymmetry ? Nowadays, hyaluronic acid fillers can use to solve the lack of volume in the lip or lip asymmetry problems. What is hyaluranic acid fill ? Hyaluronic acid fillers are obtained by cross-linking the hyaluronic acid in the laboratory, one of the main building blocks of our body. Which hyaluranic acid fillers are preffered in the lips ? While planning the lip fill, filler produced according to the problem of lip and in accordance with lip structure. What should be considered when planning the lip filler ? While planning the lip fill, should be paid attention to the lip structure, asymmetry of the lips and lip rate according to the face, upper lip and lower lip. Every face’s lip volume and type need is differen so that the planning must be individualized. The aim of the plan is create a natural volume compatible with the face, and to overcome the existing asymmetries.