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Welcome to Perry High Pom & Cheer PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Perry High Pom & Cheer

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Welcome to Perry High Pom & Cheer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Perry High Pom & Cheer
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  1. Welcome to Perry High Pom & Cheer

  2. Meeting Overview • Philosophy • Important Dates • Summer Practice Schedule • Class/Practice • Expenses and Mandatory Items • Fundraising • Boosters

  3. Philosophy & Purpose • Support athletic teams, uphold school spirit, promote the crowd’s involvement during events, and promote pride and a positive image of our school. • Develop a good sense of sportsmanship among students as well as uphold the highest in personal standards. • Perform and contribute at school and community activities and functions. • Represent Perry High School in state and national level Pom & Cheer competitions.

  4. GOALS • Develop responsibility, character, citizenship, work ethic, and ability to work with and respect others. 2. Have fun and create a positive experience we’ll remember for a lifetime. 3. Take our own personal best to competitions…and win

  5. Ten Do’s to Success Ten things parents can do to help their female athlete succeed: 1. Let this experience belong to your daughter. We had our moments. This belongs to the girls. 2. Be a positive role model. It rubs off. Motivate and encourage your daughter. Show her you respect those involved and communicate any concerns in a respectful and dignified manner. 3. Be realistic. We were all given certain abilities. Accept your daughter as she is. Accept her talents and use them. Make the best of every situation and use it as a learning experience. Accept her role on the team. 4. Support the coaching staff. If you do so will your daughter. The coach represents authority; support the coach’s rules, philosophies, decisions, and so on. 5. Be supportive of other athletes. Treat each player as if he were your daughter.

  6. 6. Trust the coaches wisdom and insight. Coaches work with athletes 12 months of the year. They spend many hours with these girls in situations that parents may never see. In some cases, coaches know more about the athlete than the parents do. Don’t exert pressure on your daughter by telling him things she shouldn’t have to hear. Be a good role model. Let the coaches coach. 7. Be an active parent. Monitor your daughter’s grades. Insist that your daughter study and earn good grades. If you put academics first, your daughter will be more successful. 8. Support your daughter’s social activities. Monitor her friends, hangouts, boyfriends, curfew, language, rules, and so on. Talk to your daughter about drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use. Encourage your daughter to make the right choices. If you don’t communicate well in these areas, the wrong people may influence your little girl. 9. Be selfless. Use Pom & Cheer for the right reasons. Encourage your daughter to work hard and have fun. 10. Challenge your daughter. Teach and encourage personal responsibility. It’s a tough world out there. Let her begin preparing for it with “inexpensive mistakes”. Let the coaches push your daughter. Let the coaches make her tougher mentally and physically by challenging her. Lessons taught in Pom & Cheer go beyond the mats. Modified from Curry, G. (2002). The Football Coaching Bible. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers.

  7. COMMUNICATION • Communicate ahead of time (not after the fact). • Contact appropriate coach first (not administration): Level then Head Coach. • Remember: a little mutual respect and a calm approach make a big difference.

  8. SQUAD STANDARDS • Team First Attitude • Winning Attitude • Be a Good Citizen • NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS (zero toleration policy) • NO UNSUPERVISED PARTIES. • Don’t embarrass your family or the program! If Coach Woodworth would freak out, don’t do it!

  9. PERRY TEAM COVENANT 1. A covenant is an agreement that binds people together. 2. Perry High School Pom & Cheer Rule of Declaration: There are only two options regarding the commitment to our TEAM Covenant. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There is no such thing as life in between.

  10. PERRY TEAM COVENANT 1. You are committed to excellence as a student and athlete and your success and achievements are for the TEAM. 2. All individual goals and accomplishments are secondary to the TEAM success. Jealousy, selfishness and individualism are tremendously destructive to the TEAM. 3. You will abide by TEAM policy, rules and regulations. 4. You will not participate in any cliques or segmented groups that destroy the TEAM concept and unity. 5. You must have a WINNING ATTITUDE!

  11. WINNING ATTITUDE! A. Can your teammates and coaches trust you? Trust between teammates and staff is essential to a winning attitude. TRUST = ACCOUNTABILITY. B. Commitment to Excellence. Striving to improve strength, tumbling, technique, and mastering your position. C. Care about the TEAM. You must care about your team and make the personal sacrifices so your TEAM can be its best. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

  12. 2012-2013 Perry Pom & Cheer IMPORTANT DATES • May 9th Parent Meeting: Start of Fitness Works Fundraiser • May 12thFirst Team Workout – Breakfast – 6:30 a.m. Perry Football Field • May 14thVARSITY Fitting – 3:45 -5:15 – Camp Gear Payment Due: $ Rubios Fundraiser • May 18thCow Chip Bingo – girls invited to attend • May 29th First Booster Meeting – 6:00-8:00 p.m. C120 • June 10thTCS Mini Skill Camp Deposit Due • July 9th JV/Varsity Tumbling changes to Mondays • July 11th – 14th NCA Camp Flagstaff, AZ • July 23rdFirst Day of School • See handout in folder with list of tentative dates. You will be updated on payment due dates via the Booster Treasurer.

  13. Important Dates: Competition • November 5, 2012 USA Regional Qualifier • November 12, 2012 UCA Qualifier (tentative) • November 19, 2012 AIA Qualifier • January 7, 2013 UCA Cactus Cup Qualifier • March 3, 2013 AZ State Cheer & Pom Tournament • March 30-April 1, 2013 USA Nationals Anaheim, CA

  14. Expenses & Mandatory Items • See Budget and Handout • To procure individually: • Socks: no show, white, by June 5th • Shorts – Game Day Wear: white, jean, light khaki

  15. Fundraiser Policy • The Perry Booster Club, in coordination with Perry Coaches, will work to provided the TEAM with ample opportunity to raise money. • Participation in fundraising is MANDATORY. We all work; we all benefit. • Money earned from fundraising will go to support the team as a whole. Everyone helps each other.

  16. Fundraising Policy • Example: • We have to pay $50 for jerseys and sweatshirts. After fundraising. We have enough money in the account to pay for 50% of the order. Each girl then only have to pay $25. • There will be mandatory sales for individual fundraising. Monies above the mandatory amount will be allotted to the individual.

  17. Booster Club • To assist the Head Coach of the Perry High Spiritline in creating a vital and productive school experience for each student-athlete. • To provide a process for ensuring effective communication between parents and sponsor/director/coaches of Perry High Spiritline. • To raise funds and provide volunteers to extend and strengthen the purpose of Perry High Spiritline.

  18. Booster Club • If you are interested in holding an Executive Position: President, VP/Secretary, Treasure or would like to nominate someone for a position please indicate this on the white sheet in your folder. • Everyone needs to submit this form to coaches before leaving this evening. • Coach Woodworth will be in contact with nominees over the next two weeks to schedule a time to discuss philosophies. • Executive positions will be voted on at the first meeting of the new year: Wednesday, May 23rd – 6-7:30 – C120